6 ways to a Cheap and Cheerful Picnic

Now that summer is finally upon us and the kids are breaking up from school, organising a picnic with your friends and loved ones is the perfect way to enjoy the lovely British weather.

The summer season can be expensive, especially with holidays abroad, organised children’s activities and babysitters to consider! At The Basket Company we have put together 6 ways you can enjoy a cheap and cheerful picnic that won’t break the bank. To make sure you have a great summer without spending a small fortune, you can find some ideas that will fuel your imagination and help you to achieve the perfect summer picnic with everything from DIY containers to tasty treats.

Pillow Blanket

Got some spare pillows or cushions lying around your house? Sew them all together to create a cool and quirky quilt that will make the perfect comfy blanket for a picnic.

Pillow Blanket Cheerful Picnic

Use Old Jars for Pre-Prepared Desserts

Clean out some old jars which have been previously used for sauces and fill them with your favourite dessert. Layered puddings look the best so maybe try a strawberry cheesecake. Secure the lid for transporting to your picnic destination.

Old Dessert Jars For Picnics

Food Covers

Check out our Wicker Food Dome, the perfect serving platter for keeping your food at bay from those pesky wasps that try to join in with your picnic! A polite way of telling them that there’s no food there for them! 

Wicker Food Dome For Picnics

Mixed Kebab Sticks

Make some quick, and delicious treats by placing your favourite food onto a kebab stick. Think cherry tomatoes, chicken, cheese and peppers… just yum!

Mixed Kebab Sticks For Pinics

Traditional Picnic Basket

Once you have gathered all of the essentials for your picnic, we suggest getting a traditional basket to carry them all in. Our affordable Oval Lidded Picnic Basket is a great option priced at just £35. Take a look at our full range of picnic baskets online today.

Oval Lidded Wicker Picnic Basket

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be summer without a picnic would it? And we have SO much more to look at! Check out our extensive range of timeless picnic baskets here.

Most importantly, remember to take lots of photos and tag us on Instagram! @thebasketcompany we can’t wait to see the photos! 

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