Easter Adventures For The Family

The lead up to Easter is such an exciting time for children and with the school holidays approaching, it’s now time to decide what activities to do this year. It also means bank holiday for you, hooray! Which means that you also get a little break as well and the opportunity to create some precious memories with your family.

We have gathered some of our favourite, unique and exciting Easter adventures for you to enjoy this year. From unique treasure hunts to Easter trails, there’s so much to do, just choose your favourite!

Unique Easter Treasure Hunt

Instead of traditional chocolate Easter egg hunts, why not empty an egg shell and fill them with little scrolls that have rewards on them? Such as a trip to the 99p shop to buy a new toy or a trip to buy an ice cream. Then, simply hide them around the garden or the house and give them one of our rustic wicker shopping baskets that they can use to collect the eggs in. They will thoroughly enjoy it and it will also create some lovely days out to look forward too!

Easter Trail At Furzey Gardens

Take a trip down to the enchanting Furzey Gardens in Minstead, The New Forest and wander through a labyrinth of flourishing grounds, perfumed with soft scents of thousands of beautiful flowers. If you visit between 6th April and the 22nd April be sure to take the children on the exciting Easter woodland trail and look out for Easter characters and Easter eggs, which have been decorated by all the students from Minstead trust.

Easter Inspired Picnic

Create an Easter inspired picnic, filled with delicious Easter inspired goodies! Include rabbit shaped sandwiches, hot cross buns and don’t forget to include traditional, yummy Easter nests made with cornflakes covered in melted chocolate, completed with mini eggs on top! Browse our wide range of timeless picnic baskets and choose your favourite to take with you on your picnic. It could be at your local park or field (or garden!)

Easter Den In The Garden

Speaking of your garden, use it as an easy opportunity to occupy the children for a while and give yourself a break from the chaos! Just grab some old sheets or towels, some cushions and a clothes horse and set up a magical Easter den in the garden for the children to play in. Complete this fabulous den with some fun games and some delicious snacks. (This will give you an opportunity to relax for a while)

Unique Easter Gifts For Family

Finally, if you are looking for a unique Easter gift for a family member, friend or a school raffle why not fill up one of our Easter hamper baskets with some favourite Easter treats and include a little chocolate egg in each one for them. It makes such a simple, yet thoughtful gift!

Which one will you pick this Easter? We’d love to hear what your plans are, why not follow us on social media @thebasketcompany and tell us what you’ll be up too.

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