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Al Fresco Dining Main Blog Image 29/07/2023
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The Ultimate Al Fresco Dining Experience

Al fresco dining has been a tradition in European countries for centuries. Dining outside transports us to a warmer climate, where sampling food and drink can be enjoyed on a balmy evening with wonderful company. There’s no doubt that al fresco dining is most certainly one of life’s greatest, yet simplest pleasures. The comfort of your garden is an idyllic place to eat in the open air and just like they do on the continent, you can stay out as long as you like or until your glasses are empty.... Read More

Featured This Month | Wall Of Fame | The Basket Company 03/07/2023
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Featured This Month: A Wall Of Basket Fame

Each month we hand-pick one talented Instagrammer to be featured in our Journal and on our Instagram page and this month in particular is a very special month, as we celebrate our 10th birthday here at The Basket Company. To help us celebrate, we have not just one but three talented and stylish Instagrammers, Chess of @floraliehome, Luci of @our_wandsworth_home and Lauren of @the_cubbyhole who have all decided to tell us what they love about The Basket Company. Without further ado, let’s start with Chess of @floraliehome. Chess’ home is... Read More

The Basket Company's 10th birthday 02/07/2023
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The Story Of The Basket Company

The Basket Company began in the home of the co-owners and co-founders Ian and Catherine. Whilst they were both working in full time jobs (Ian as a software developer and Catherine as a business analyst) they dreamt of owning their own business, so one day they did a little experiment and started selling items on eBay and at car boot sales. After months of raiding their home of items that could be sold, including items from friends and family such as various interior pieces, football boots, clothes (and even a... Read More

An Interview With The Co-Founders 01/07/2023
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An Interview with The Basket Company Co-Founders

To celebrate The Basket Company’s 10th birthday, we interviewed the co-owners and co-founders, Ian and Catherine, so you can get to know a little bit more about them. Here’s what they had to say! How did you both start The Basket Company? Ian: “Back in 2011, we were both working full time and we had wanted to have our own business for some time. We started by raiding our home of all the things that we never used but others could still find useful and we began by setting up... Read More

The Basket Company's 10th Birthday Celebration Album 30/06/2023
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The Basket Company’s 10th Birthday Celebration Album

To celebrate The Basket Company turning 10 years old, we had a little tea and cake celebration at The Basket Company HQ and a fantastic celebration evening at the Harbour Heights Hotel in Poole. The evening was fabulous with bubbles, delicious food, warm weather and spectacular views over Poole Harbour complete with a spectacular sunset. If you’d like to read all about our story, click here. To find out more about the co-founders, Ian and Catherine click here.

The House Build | The Basket Company 31/05/2023
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Featured This Month: Garden Of Dreams

Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal. We are truly inspired daily by all the talent that we see and just have to share it with you. This month’s “Featured this month” entrant is the sensational home of Becks Doyle @thehousebuild. In 2017 Becks and her family bought the keys to their charming new home. With a stunning vision in mind for a grand extension, Becks could begin the build and design of each and every detail of her... Read More

How To Pull Off The Perfect Picnic At Home 30/05/2023
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How To Pull Off A Perfect Picnic At Home

Picnics have got to be one of our favourite pastimes because there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy this quintessential summer tradition and as our favourite national week “National Picnic Week” approaches, we have curated some of our favourite ways to tailor a picnic (and you needn’t venture far to enjoy it) Usually a picnic is associated with an outdoor activity in the park or on the beach, however we just love the simplicity of picnics at home, especially as sometimes the weather isn’t always on our side here... Read More

What Food To Pack For The Perfect Picnic 29/05/2023
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What To Pack For The Perfect Picnic

It’s June and the month of our favourite national week – National Picnic Week. Dining al fresco on a soft blanket, savouring yummy treats and enjoying warm sunshine, is simply the best way to spend summer. Of course, you’ll need to plan it to ensure you get the most out of this lovely quintessential activity and sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to pack (that’s where we can help you). PICNIC FOOD The most important part of a picnic is to create an easy, yet delectable picnic... Read More

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Hosting the Perfect Family Picnic

The perfect picnic is a relaxing stress free way to sit back and doze off in the warm sunshine while listening to the calm serenity of the countryside… A mutter of soft rustling leaves in a light breeze along with the peaceful but joyful tunes of songbird nearby. This moment of tranquillity with the family sounds most pleasant but aiming for that delicious lunch on a sunlit Sunday afternoon requires planning, which we are here to provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need to make your leisure day much... Read More

The Importance Of Gardening For Health & Wellbeing 08/05/2023
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The Importance Of Gardening: For Health & Well-being

Believe it or not, gardening is extremely beneficial, not only for the earth and nature but also for you too. When you plant seeds and flowers into the ground you are providing a feeding ground for pollinators, who flit from garden to garden to seek out rich nectar and pollen. This keeps our all-important pollinators doing their job of keeping the environment stable. We are also fascinated by the fact that gardening is good for you and your health. Gardening For Health & Well-Being The RHS believes that being in... Read More