About The Basket Company

The Basket Company's 10th birthday 02/07/2023
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The Story Of The Basket Company

The Basket Company began in the home of the co-owners and co-founders Ian and Catherine. Whilst they were both working in full time jobs (Ian as a software developer and Catherine as a business analyst) they dreamt of owning their own business, so one day they did a little experiment and started selling items on eBay and at car boot sales. After months of raiding their home of items that could be sold, including items from friends and family such as various interior pieces, football boots, clothes (and even a... Read More

An Interview With The Co-Founders 01/07/2023
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An Interview with The Basket Company Co-Founders

To celebrate The Basket Company’s 10th birthday, we interviewed the co-owners and co-founders, Ian and Catherine, so you can get to know a little bit more about them. Here’s what they had to say! How did you both start The Basket Company? Ian: “Back in 2011, we were both working full time and we had wanted to have our own business for some time. We started by raiding our home of all the things that we never used but others could still find useful and we began by setting up... Read More

The Basket Company's 10th Birthday Celebration Album 30/06/2023
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The Basket Company’s 10th Birthday Celebration Album

To celebrate The Basket Company turning 10 years old, we had a little tea and cake celebration at The Basket Company HQ and a fantastic celebration evening at the Harbour Heights Hotel in Poole. The evening was fabulous with bubbles, delicious food, warm weather and spectacular views over Poole Harbour complete with a spectacular sunset. If you’d like to read all about our story, click here. To find out more about the co-founders, Ian and Catherine click here.