Foraged Dorset Apple Cake Recipe 30/10/2023
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A Foraged Dorset Crab Apple Cake Recipe

It’s crab apple season, which means that these abundant fruits are ripening on the branches ready to be made into something delicious. These ancient trees can live up to 100 years old and in some cultures, apples are seen as a sacred fruit, as well as magical fruits in folklore and of course in childhood fairytales. Crab apples are small but mighty as they are absolutely delicious as an ingredient (especially in a cake). This month we have a delicious foraged Dorset crab apple cake for you to try and... Read More

How To Make The Most Of Long Nights and Short Days 10/10/2023
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How to make the most of long nights and short days

Leaves glisten underneath a blanket of frost, mist glides across mossy moors and a golden autumnal morning sun rises behind silhouettes of ponies in their winter coats, grazing across copper coloured landscapes. Hedgehogs gather essentials such as dry leaves, grass and bracken to begin creating their winter nests and little mice forage for food and shelter before burrowing into the ground to rest. Inside cottages freshly baked rolls are in the oven, filling the home with warming delicious aromas and cashmere jumpers are pulled on for ultimate softness and comfort,... Read More

A Blackberry & Damson Hedgerow Jam Recipe 29/08/2023
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A Blackberry & Damson Hedgerow Jam Recipe

Blackberry & Damson Hedgerow Jam If you are a fan of our blogs, you will have seen our recipe for a delicious blackberry & apple crumble, however between August & September the blackberries are the best they could possibly be, which is perfect for a delicious blackberry & damson jam recipe. The tartness of the damsons combined with the sweetness of blackberries makes the most delicious jam and perfect on top of a slice of soft, fresh farmhouse bread or baked into a cake. This recipe is perfect for any... Read More

What To Harvest In September 28/08/2023
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What to harvest in September

September is abundant in crop and deep within the soil, your vegetables have been maturing and ripening in the warmth, ready to add to delicious and healthy meals. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than home grown is there? There is something so rewarding about eating a meal that is packed full of fresh flavour, that you’ve not only cooked from scratch but with added ingredients that you have grown and harvested with your own bare hands. Not only will your very own vegetables be healthy and nutritious but they... Read More

A Beginner's Guide To Foraging | The Basket Company 17/09/2021
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A Beginner’s Guide To Foraging

Wandering along the hedgerows, collecting your blackberries for a delicious crumble often brings such a sense of joy and excitement and the prospect of using ingredients that you have harvested yourself, makes the achieved result even more enjoyable. Hedgerows were first planted in the UK by the Romans, as the intertwined thorns and brambles helped to protect specific areas. Since then, they have become a necessity for nature, providing food and shelter for wildlife including delicious, plump berries which taste delicious in homemade recipes. September to October is the prime... Read More