How to dress the base of your Christmas tree

It won’t be long before the tree goes up and whether you prefer a real tree or an artificial tree at Christmas, the base can sometimes look bare and neglected beneath all of the twinkly, festive magic encompassing its branches.

The secret to getting the Christmas tree perfect is to consider covering that empty space, whilst adding elegance to your décor simultaneously. This year, complete the tree from top to bottom and dress up the base of your Christmas tree, with some charming accessories. We have lots of ideas for you, so let’s get started.

Wicker Christmas tree skirts

Our collection of Christmas tree skirts are a beloved favourite at Christmas. Perfect for covering up unsightly metal legs with an elegant finish. These beautiful Christmas tree skirts add a certain sophistication to your Christmas tree, not to mention that they are lightweight and easy to store in the loft until Christmas comes around once again!

Choose from rustic rattan, to elegant white wash or classic willow to complete your base, each one perfect for different types of décor.

Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Christmas Tree Skirts

Wicker Rattan Christmas Tree Planters

Whether your tree is artificial or real, forgo the traditional Christmas tree planter boxes and instead, opt for Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Christmas Tree Planters, which offer a stunning look for an ultimately stylish and unique home and garden. Planters are perfect for keeping real trees hydrated and styled, not to mention they are made from sturdy grey & buff rattan and can stay out all year round, which means they can be re-used all year round as a beautiful garden accessory, once Christmas is over.

How to decorate the space below the Christmas tree

Finally, for a look of luxury to fill empty spaces surrounding your Christmas tree, why not create “Santa’s grotto”, complete with gifts, miniature Christmas trees inside planters and scampering woodland reindeer?

For the ultimate look of charm and for the perfect idyllic Christmas grotto style, choose a selection of white fluffy rugs and cushions in a Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Storage Trunk for soft texture, miniature Christmas trees inside small wicker pots for a frosted winter wonderland, complete with wicker reindeer for a festive touch.

Thinking about gifts? For a thoughtful Christmas gift this year, treat a loved one to a hamper, filled with all of their favourite things. Simply choose from our selection of hamper baskets, bows, shred and gift tags and then fill up with all of their favourite treats. Perhaps they are a chocolate lover, cheese lover or a wine lover? (Or perhaps all three?) you can find some more ideas over on our blog “Homemade Christmas Hamper Ideas”

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