Wicker baskets: 2019’s Biggest Interior Accessory

Who would’ve thought that wicker baskets would be 2019’s biggest interior accessory? And the question is why?

We have the answer for that. It’s because wicker baskets are a durable, sustainable and stylish way to maximise space and minimise clutter in your home. Wicker baskets completely transform your home, enhancing elegance and adorn interior space as opposed to simple plain plastic storage.

Wicker Baskets: 2019's Biggest Interior Accessory

(It Seems We’re Not The Only Ones Who Are Basket Mad!)

The best thing about wicker baskets is their versatility. They come in different materials which suit various rooms in your home or office and interior designers and influencers are currently using wicker baskets for home storage solutions across the country.

The very beautiful Lydia Millen recently used one of our favourite baskets, our Grey & Buff Rattan Deep Wicker Basket, in her gorgeous pantry for her “How To Organise Your Kitchen” blog.

She simply used them to reorganise her pantry and completed them with beautiful little chalkboard labels.

Lydia Millen Storage Ideas

Lydia Millen Storage Ideas

Photo rights belong to: Lydia Elise Millen

The Grey & Buff Rattan Deep Wicker Storage basket

This beautifully hand woven basket has become a new best friend to interior designers and Instagrammers, simply because there isn’t a room in the house that the muted tones won’t match in. It is made out of strong, robust rattan and is a perfect storage solution to hide all the unsightly things in your home or cupboards.

You’ll Be Helping The Earth

Also by buying rustic wicker baskets for your home you’ll be helping the environment. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) the amount of plastic waste generated annually in the UK is estimated to be nearly 5 million tonnes.

So, what better way to resolve this issue than to swap plastic for wicker storage baskets in your home?  All of our wicker baskets are made from a variety of natural materials, such as willow, water hyacinth, rattan, seagrass and soft rush to provide only superb quality baskets.

Rattan Tapered Wicker Storage Baskets

Wicker Baskets 2019 Interior Accessory

And the best part?

They’re timeless! Durable wicker baskets will always look fabulous in your home and won’t go out of style. 

So, what’s not to love about this year’s favourite interior accessory? It’s understandable to see why they tick every single box!

If you’re keen to get yourself some baskets or perhaps you need some storage ideas, why not check out our wide range of storage baskets here. From home storage, to laundry baskets to wicker plant pots and gardening and outdoor baskets, there is something for everyone and every room in your home.

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