Featured This Month: January 2021, the home of Lydia Millen

Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily by all the talent that we see and just have to share with you. This month we are extremely excited and honoured to bring you the exquisite home of Lydia Millen @lydiamillenhome.

When you first see imagery of Lydia’s home you are welcomed with elegance that gives you instant delight. The rooms of Lydia’s country home are bright, refined, practical and are filled with state-of-the-art interior and décor inspiration. From elegant panelling on the walls to plush carpets and a carefully selected choice of texture, colour and style, Lydia has created a chic contemporary yet timeless feel, which sets a tone of sophistication throughout her home. She is also especially talented in organisation and we are extremely proud that our baskets are featured in Lydia’s home! We can’t wait to take you on a little tour.

Lydia and her husband Ali bought their house with a divine vision of a stunning renovation in mind. The house boasts bright and characteristic features with a touch of grandeur and a dash of rusticity. Lydia loves experimenting with colour and variation to create completely unique and exquisite spaces.

Let’s start with the living room.

For this cosy room, Lydia originally chose an elegant shade of deep Hague Blue and this gorgeous colour choice enhanced the room and gave it a very regal and royal vibe. We love the contrast of the finer details, especially the tiles in the fireplace and the elegant light fixtures, complete with our rustic extra-large square Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Log Basket to store logs for her roaring log fire. We think the basket adds such a perfect texture to Lydia’s lounge.

In recent times, Lydia has re-styled her lounge and changed the colour palette to a deep, dramatic tone, which you can check out on Lydia’s Instagram page here. Perfect for a very atmospheric, cosy and inviting setting.

Lydia’s home is nestled within rural countryside, surrounded by fresh fields and woodland. Her love of modern country living is the running theme throughout her home where bright, fresh walls and practicality don’t go amiss. The big, bright windows in Lydia’s kitchen allow lots of natural light in, making this room feel airy and ethereal. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the place where creativity flows in the form of delicious dishes and pondering about big decisions for the day ahead over that first cup of coffee.

Under Lydia’s stunning artwork, she has filled the empty space with our Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Trunk. These trunks are the perfect way to style anything, shoes, linen, toys… you name it! We just love how its timeless material looks so elegant amongst the contemporary cool tones of Lydia’s kitchen.

Next is Lydia’s hallway, where you’ll find more exceptional bright décor with elegant panelling on the staircase and dramatic, classy features.

The texture of the neutral wool carpet against the bold, classic dark shades of Lydia’s black console table and matching round mirror looks utterly divine. The little added hints of farmhouse décor are impeccably stylish and are perfect for an everlasting look, with a touch of class. Our large Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Storage Basket is perfect for keeping loose odds and ends out of sight, allowing you to admire this beautifully styled hallway. Perfect for storing, keys, gloves, scarves or hats!

It’s time to take you through to one of the most used (but equally as stylish) rooms of the house, the utility room. A well-designed utility room can significantly improve your day to day living and can also become a wonderful place to do chores.

“I dreamed of having an area where I could do the laundry efficiently, washing, drying, ironing, folding, the whole shebang”

Lydia has enhanced her utility room into an exceptionally lovely place to enjoy doing her chores. She has kept it very clean and clear of clutter, with monochrome shades for a very sleek look. We are big fans of creating a calm atmosphere to enhance serenity whilst doing chores. Lydia has completed the style with an oak shelf and our Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Baskets to keep this room organised. Don’t they go beautifully with the colour scheme? This joyful room easily becomes a place that would make the dull jobs a lot more enjoyable.

Finally, just one more quick look in the kitchen as we’ve got to show you Lydia’s pantry. You may have read Lydia’s blog “How to organise your kitchen”. If so, you will know that Lydia loves organising her house, including her kitchen cupboards. In Lydia’s blog, she discusses the kitchen cupboard clutter that we are all so familiar with (the same clutter that comes tumbling out as you slowly open the cupboard doors). Instead of facing this issue every time she wants something from her pantry, Lydia has cleverly used our Grey & Buff Rattan Deep Storage Baskets to store everything from condiments to coffee pods, rice, pasta and cooking ingredients to create a soul-cleansing pantry cupboard, complete with little chalkboard labels for supreme organisation.

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