Homemade Christmas Hamper Ideas

Hampers are said to be one of the most thoughtful gifts that a loved one can receive and we can certainly see why, who wouldn’t want to receive a basket full of their favourite things? The best thing about hampers of course is that you can tailor them to that specific person and make them unique, which will certainly make the recipient feel particularly loved at Christmas.

Pre-filled hampers with indulgent treats can be a little pricey, so we suggest making a homemade Christmas hamper! Filling up a beautifully stylish hamper basket will not only save you money, it’ll also be more fun and personal. Once you’ve filled the baskets up with all their favourite things, you can also add extras inside which pre-made hampers don’t come with like special notes, chocolate coins or cinnamon sticks for an aromatic Christmas touch.

First of all you’ll need a luxury, stylish and inexpensive hamper basket, then write down a list of all their favourite things to fill it with it.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas to get you started:

(Please note that our hampers are provided empty, the products shown in the images are for display purposes only)

Red Rope Paper Tray Hamper Basket

Red Rope Hamper Tray Basket

Our new Red Rope Paper Hamper Trays are delicately woven from twisted paper and come in 3 different sizes, so your gift can be as dainty or as indulgent as you want it to be! We just love that vibrant red colour – perfect for Christmas.

Now what to fill it with? Fudge, a bottle of bubbly or perhaps a selection of cheeses. Or why not all 3?

For her

Wooden Vintage Style Heart Tray

Whitewash Wooden Vintage Style Heart Tray

This elegant wooden vintage style heart tray is the perfect gift for a feminine feel. Fill it with that perfume that she’s been hinting about, favourite chocolates, Prosecco or bath bombs for a beautiful and classic gift this Christmas. What a great bathroom storage piece this would make afterwards!

For him

Black Wicker Storage Hamper

Black Wicker Storage Hamper Basket

We’ve made the perfect gift for him easy for you this year. Our sleek, contemporary Black Storage Hampers are perfect for the ultimate stylish gift. Complete them with a selection of their favourite beverages, food and perhaps tickets to a concert he’s always wanted to go and see?

Wooden Beer Storage Crate

Or why not go above and beyond and get him one of our new Wooden Beer Crates, complete with a bottle opener to open his favourite beer, or cider with.

Plus, it hides the drinks in your kitchen/garage so they’re not on display and in one place (Yes, we think of everything. No need to thank us!)

For the kids:

We can’t wait to show you these … introducing our very first ever Christmas Eve Boxes. These adorable wooden boxes are bang on trend, giving children a surprise magical present to open on Christmas eve before the excitement of the next day. Traditionally you’d fill them with fluffy socks, pyjamas, a book, a game and some sweets but of course, the beauty of these is that you can fill them with whatever you think that they would love from Father Christmas.

Wooden Christmas Eve Boxes
Wooden Christmas Eve Reindeer Box

And that’s just the beginning of our beautiful range of hamper baskets. Browse our huge selection of beautiful hamper kits here and choose your favourite. And remember, the bits to go inside don’t have to be expensive. Whatever you decide to fill it with, as long as it’s personal to them, they will love it.

Make Your Own Hamper Kit Basket
Grey & Buff Wicker Hamper Basket

All that’s left to say from us here at The Basket Company is Merry Christmas!

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