5 Secrets to a Beautiful Garden

Brighter days are coming. The clocks have changed, the days are longer and lighter and we are now getting slighter warmer temperatures, a perfect time to start focusing on the upkeep of the garden.

If you work or have children (or both) it’s especially difficult to keep on top of your garden, especially if we get a heatwave! If you are looking to revive your garden without having to put hours of work into it, then keep on reading. We have 5 secrets to help spruce up your garden in no time at all.

1. Keep on top of your grass

Mowing the lawn can be overwhelming if you leave it alone for too long. Normally, mowing the lawn once every other week is a perfect timescale to keep your garden looking presentable. In recent years it is becoming quite common to include sections of mini “wild flower meadows” which are sections of the garden that are untouched to allow wild flowers to grow, until the end of the season around September/October time. This helps the pollinators such as bees and butterflies thrive in their search for plants and flowers that are rich in nectar.

Our Director Catherine, dreams of a section in her garden dedicated to wild flowers. This is what her garden looks like in the height of summer.

2. Add a splash of paint

Add some colour to any of your aged fences, sheds or furniture to help revive them. Opt for a traditional look and paint them in colours that are rich in earthy shades such as mahogany, cedarwood or beech. If you are looking for an on-trend colour choose muted, fresh tones to match the elegance of the rest of your home, like a soft grey or delicate olive green, which enhances the light in your garden.

@fionaandroger on Instagram have adorned their fence in Farrow & Ball’s “Old White” which looks utterly spectacular in their garden.

To prepare your fence:

1. Brush your fence down and rid your fence of dirt and debris.

2. Sand down any areas of the fence that maybe flaking, cracked or chipped until these areas are smooth.

3. Using the spray nozzle on your hose, give your fence a good wash and be sure to remove any marks or stubborn dirt.

4. Once your fence is fully dry, clean and smooth, you can start painting!

3. Grab a trug

Prevent your garden from becoming overcrowded by pruning and deadheading flowers, which will promote space for healthy growth and beauty in the garden for the summer season. For the perfect garden companion use a trusty Wicker Trug to help you collect deadheads. These trugs are especially handy for carrying around tools and also helping you harvest any fruit or vegetables if you have your own kitchen garden or allotment.

4. Replace your planters

If you have any old planters that are cracked or chipped, now is the time to replace them with new ones. When you are ready to start planting your seeds, say goodbye to that cracked terracotta plant pot and transform your garden into a paradise of inspiration and character with rustic wicker planters. Choose from our stunning collection and watch as your garden begins to become “Instagram-able”

5. Add some beautiful lights

Finally, to make the most out of long balmy summer evenings, add a spot of lighting to create a serene atmosphere. If you have a pergola, add some weatherproof twinkly fairy lights around the posts and on the roof for a little cluster of magic in the garden. For a romantic feel, light some candles and add them to some wicker lanterns and enjoy late nights surrounded by the gentle flicker of candles, under the stars with a glass of something lovely.

Now that your garden is ready, it’s time to decide which plants and flowers you’d like to plant. We have lots of suggestions in our article “How to create a garden buffet to feed the pollinators” which is packed full of ideas of flowers that both the bees and the butterflies will love and that will keep the eco-system going.

If you need help finding the right accessories for your garden, read our article “Rustic Accessories for a show stopping garden” which is packed full of inspiration to help your garden thrive in 2021.

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