5 Secrets to a Beautiful Garden

At The Basket Company we are making the most of the 2018 UK Heatwave and as we welcome back the blue skies and blazing sunshine, we’ve been focusing on the up keep of our gardens. 

If you work, have children or have a hectic social life (or maybe you have all 3!) it’s especially difficult to keep on top of your garden in this heat. If you are looking to revive your garden without having to put hours of work into it, then keep on reading! We have 5 secrets to help spruce up your garden in no time at all.

1. Keep on top of your grass

Is the lawn looking a bit brown at the moment? Not to worry, simply sprinkle it 3 nights a week and give the extra thirsty sections a good drink. Mowing the lawn can be overwhelming if you leave it alone for too long.  We recommend to cut your grass a least once every two weeks to keep your garden looking presentable – if your grass is trimmed to a good length your garden will look better instantly. Our Director Catherine has been using these tips and here is a photo of her garden currently. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

2. Add a splash of paint

Add some colour to any of your aged fences, sheds or furniture to help revive them. Go bold and bright for a cool summer vibe or opt for a traditional look with olive paintwork.

3. Grab a trug

If you grow your own produce, you can prevent your garden from getting overcrowded with fallen apples and ripened tomatoes by investing in our popular Kew Antique Wash Wicker Trug Basket. Our Kew Trug is The Kitchen Garden Magazine’s “top pick” for 2018 and will certainly come in handy to carry and store your freshly picked fruit, vegetables and flowers. 

Kew Antique Wash Wicker Trug Basket

4. Keep your garden essentials neat and tidy

Keep organised by choosing a great storage solution. This way you can get on with your jobs around the garden without having to spend half an hour searching for your shovel.

5. Add some beautiful lights

Finally, for our current warm summer evenings, add a spot of outside lighting to create a serene atmosphere. Better still, to save on electricity and costs, opt for some pretty lanterns or candles.

To add some character to your garden, take look at our range of outdoor baskets, with everything from trugs to cycle baskets to complete Summer 2018 with a rustic feel!

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