6 Ways To Show Your Home Some Love

When your home looks and smells divine, it means coming home to a house to feel proud of. The way the home is organised and the general feel of the home effects your mood, so having the right accessories, décor and scents can contribute towards a sense of peace and security in the home, therefore it’s important to give the home the love it deserves.

If you feel like your home has felt a little neglected over time, we have some easy tips to delight and inspire you to spruce up your little sanctuary and make your house feel like a home again.  

1. Treat your home to some flowers.

You’d buy flowers for a loved one, so why not buy some flowers for your home too. Fill your home with life, colour and vitality and choose some of your favourite blooms.

As Valentine’s day is coming up, why not treat yourself and your home to some red roses for a romantic, soft feel to your home? Or perhaps some tulips to represent elegance and grace. Did you know that the colours of each tulip carry their own significance? For example, purple tulips are said to symbolise royalty and yellow tulips are said to symbolise warmth and happiness.

And of course, once Valentine’s day is over, you can try drying out your flowers to keep them for a lovely decorative piece on the wall or even keep the dried flowers in a vase.

2. Give the home some warmth

A huge part of our soul-cleansing ethos is to light the fire and treat your home to some warmth. Nothing soothes the soul like a crackling log fire and soft cosy throws for a little extra comfort.

Don’t forget to add your log basket!

Our Grey & Buff rattan log baskets are woven from thick rattan to create a luxuriously handwoven basket, complete with sturdy handles to make manoeuvring heavy logs around the home nice and easy for you. Our wide selection of elegant log baskets are suitable for all décor types. Try honey rattan log baskets for your boho theme or seek out timeless charm, using antique wash log baskets.

Of course, if you don’t have a log fire, these baskets also make for the ultimate stylish storage solution, whilst hiding the unsightly.

Grey & Buff Round Rattan Log Baskets

3. Fix something that’s broken

Have you had something in your home that’s been broken for a while now that you’ve been putting off for ages? Or perhaps there’s a room in your home that needs a lick of paint? If so, then choose this time to fix it. It’ll feel like such a relief once it’s done and also another thing that’s off your mind.

4. Accessories for the home.

Show the bare walls in your home a little love with some rustic wicker accessories. Accessories are fantastic to have in the home as they can be decorated seasonally so the décor in your home is always slightly modified, without having to do a complete makeover. Check out our Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Heart Wreath for example, simply add a beautiful garland to it to fit the season and the theme in your home. If you love natural beige tones, then the wreath makes a statement without the extra touches, however for Valentine’s day you could add tiny rose buds within the wicker for just a subtle touch of romance.

5. Give it some fragrance

Perfume your home and choose from softly scented candles or wax melts and fill the rooms with scents of rose, vanilla and jasmine for subtle and relaxed ambience in your home.

Candles make such an impact, especially when chosen wisely to fit the theme of your home. Of course, if you want a romantic feel to go with the theme of the month then we’d suggest to choose feminine colours such as a pale blossom or you could choose lavender candles in the bedroom, with calm aromatic notes to help reduce stress and contribute towards a great night’s sleep.

Strategically place your candle where you know you will get the benefits from the glow, such as next to a mirror for extra light!

6. Make the home glow

And finally, for a memorising twinkle in the home, add some fairy lights to brighten up even the plainest of rooms. Place them around the mirrors, around your head board or place them beautifully in and round one of our wicker lanterns, which look charming on display. There’s nothing like the gentle pitter patter of the rain, whilst sat in the safety of your conservatory, snuggled up in thick fluffy comfy clothes, surrounded by twinkly lights.

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