Bohemian Décor Ideas For Your Home

The innovative bohemian décor trend is filling our homes with authenticity, bringing the rooms to life with character and seamless blends of vintage taste. The beauty of bohemian décor is that it doesn’t have to be styled a specific way and in fact, the more sporadic the layout is, the better! Which would you choose? Could it be “driftwood boho” for a light, coastal bohemian feel. Perhaps your favourite is “gypsy boho” filled with an abundance of materials, silks and rugs cascading with colours and patterns.

Why not transform your home into a permanent exotic “stay-cation” and fill your home with the botanical leaf print designs combined, with scents with of almond, coconut and vanilla for a unique and exotic feel to your home.

And let’s not forget the bohemian accessories of course! Here are some ideas for you.

1. Rustic Belly Baskets

Bali Natural Seagrass Belly Basket

Bali Natural Seagrass Belly Basket

Raja Natural Seagrass Belly Basket

The seagrass belly baskets are a traditional home essential. Originating from Asia, this timeless storage staple is perfect for any room and adds authentic character to your space. Which one is your favourite? The traditional Bali Seagrass Belly Basket or the Raja Natural Seagrass Belly basket with a black and natural zig-zag design?

2. Jambi Open Weave Seagrass Basket

Jambi Open Weave Seagrass Floor Basket

Take a look at one of our favourites, the Jambi Open Weave Seagrass Basket. This beautifully woven basket is made from durable and strong seagrass. You can either add these versatile baskets as a centrepiece or even as a stylish plant pot cover!

3. Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are the epitome of the “gypsy boho” look. These native American inspired accessories originated as a protection charm to capture children’s nightmares, so that they may have a peaceful sleep. These days however, they make an appealing accessory to hang in windows or even on the wall. How lovely they would look amongst flourishing wall tapestries.  

4. Java Rattan Chunky Basket

Java Rattan Chunky Storage Basket

Handcrafted from thick and natural rattan, our sturdy Java Rattan Chunky Baskets offer the perfect solution for logs, toys or as a stylish solution to keep shoes next to the door. The best part? They are complete with rope handles, making manoeuvring around the house (or garden) easy for you.

5. Rugs

To complement your furniture, add in rustic hessian rugs with unique patterns and enthralling texture to inspire a “free-spirited” home.

Not to mention they’re durable and don’t require a lot of TLC!

6. Batu Water Hyacinth

Batu Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets

And finally, for the ultimate boho chic accessory, these intricately braided Batu Water Hyacinth Baskets add a simplistic style to any room. These aesthetic baskets are the perfect solution for hiding the unsightly, whilst adding a sense calmness and serenity into your home.

So, are you ready to get started on your bohemian styled home? We’d love to see it once it’s complete! Tag us at #TheBasketCompany on Instagram so we can see your inspiring boho décor.

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