Classic Modern Homes

Leading interior trends always follow industrial, contemporary and classic modern influences. Classic modern interior is always in style and time and time again, classic modern homes are enhanced with little touches that make for a characterful and timeless home.

The stillness of calm, classic, modern interior provides a place for being completely quiet, clearing the mind of thoughts whilst surrounded in total tranquillity.

Not only is classic modern interior relaxing and tranquil, it is also modest. No matter the size of your home or space, classic modern homes can look wonderful in a home of any size. There are no distractions, there’s nothing fussy about it and it unapologetically boasts a statement without being fierce. It offers freshness and a consistent “clean” feel, which is important for a tidy mind. When we are surrounded by clutter our minds cannot pause or stop thinking, so a de-cluttered home provides space to enjoy not only stillness in your décor but stillness in your mind.

To recap: Choose unfussy, stillness, calm with few distractions when designing your home and always remember classic modernity is modest, fresh, timeless, straight forward and subtle in design, yet impactful.

Sophie Paterson’s Interior Designs

Interior designer, Sophie Paterson, always opts for classic modern interior for her home and for her clients’ homes. Sophie pairs traditional and modern characteristics, textures and trends together for an everlasting look that always stays in style.

Sophie Paterson also loves cleverly placed accessories, including art to spark creativity, foliage for natural vibrancy and wicker storage baskets for organisation. Storage is an important staple in any household and Grey & Buff Rattan is the perfect storage texture to fit in any style of home, whether it’s modern classic, industrial or contemporary.

“I love using baskets for styling and organising in my clients’ homes and my own home. These grey and buff rattan baskets from @thebasketcompany are my favourite, they add a touch of rustic chic to your interior and are so useful for storage”

Classic Modern Country Home

One of the most useful places to research interior design ideas, is Instagram. Instagram has become an interior designer’s dream, filled with an abundant of inspiration, interior hacks and designs for even the humblest of homes. Michelle of on Instagram, has a huge love for modern, classic interior.  

Michelle’s home evokes an inviting feeling of welcoming warmth, style and a show-stopping display of creativity. Every single room displays muted timeless décor, combined with traditional English accents. Michelle has transformed her 1930’s bungalow with dated interior into a swoon-worthy and stylish cottage inspired home, fit with modern, timeless and luxury decor and beautiful interior pieces.

Michelle has such a spectacular eye for interior design and finds inspiration for even the most challenging spaces in her home.

In Michelle’s beautiful kitchen, you will find a combination of the three most popular interior design trends discussed at the beginning of this blog: Classic, contemporary and hints of industrial décor design. Michelle has transformed an uninspiring and dated kitchen into a modern, welcoming kitchen, sleek in design and complete with on-trend accessories, such as silver cup handles for her units. At the rear end of the kitchen, you will find the dining space, which consists of a very simple, industrial farm-house style dining table and a collection of modern-country style units, complete with Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Baskets for organisation and a vintage chamberstick candle holder, for added charm and personality.

Much like Sophie Paterson, Michelle uses baskets for a multiple storage uses around her home. Here, Michelle has chosen four of our Grey & Buff Rattan Rectangular Wicker Storage Baskets, which fit perfectly in this shoe storage bench and our Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Shopping Basket, as a decorative piece. Not only do they hide the unsightly but they make for such beautiful interior pieces.

Interior Designer Sarah Copestake

Interior designer Sarah Copestake aka @scopestake82, also uses Instagram as a platform for sharing beautiful interiors in her home and clients’ homes. Sarah’s elegant and rustic home combines traditional interior design pieces such as dark hardwood furniture, antique accessories and period features to spark interest.

Our favourite section of Sarah’s styling has to be this beautiful console table styling. This stunning unoffensive oak unit is light in colour and sleek in texture, complete with beautiful antique pieces and Grey & Buff Rattan Round Log Baskets to hide hats, scarves and Sarah also uses these baskets as a stylish and convenient place to store dog leads before a dog walk.

Classic Modern Gardens

The garden of Becks Doyle @thehousebuild

Classic modernity can also be achieved in the garden too. Let’s take Becks Doyle of @thehousebuild for example. Becks’ home exuberates very classic modern interior, which continues out through to her sensational landscape garden. Throughout the home and garden, she has chosen a soft, muted colour palette. Opening the French doors to her spectacular garden you are met with soft, grey wooden flooring with a sensational display of white hydrangeas, around her stunning swimming pool for elegance. Becks has had 8 of our Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Rope Handled Planters for 3 years and they have been consistently providing her garden with rustic texture and style, as they have aged naturally overtime.

So, there you have it, the recipe for simple ways to achieve a classic, modern home without the fuss.

Why not get started with filling your home with stylish rustic wicker baskets? To add your very own collection of stylish storage pieces and enhance your classic modern home, view our selection of timeless wicker storage staples here.

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