Controlling the Christmas Chaos

A 4-week “to-do” diary

Presents, Christmas dinner, cards, wrapping, shopping, the work Christmas party… there’s so much to think about during the magical festive season that it becomes pretty hectic. Whilst in the middle of school runs, work deadlines, nativity plays, cooking and cleaning, time spent with family can often be missed and this year, we will not allow that to happen!

This 4-week “to do” diary will keep you organised so that you spend less time stressed, more time controlling the chaos AND relaxing.

Week 1 (1st December – 24 days to go)

1. Write out your Christmas present list.

Stick on a Christmas album one evening and decide what you’re going to get for your loved ones. Write down the name of your loved one and note down ideas of what to buy them, next to their name, so you don’t forget!

2. Get your tree up with your family (If you haven’t already)

Putting the tree up is the epitome of Christmas and transforms your home, filling it with festive spirit. Complete your tree with a Rattan Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt to cover its bare “leg” before the presents come in. It looks so much nicer than a stand!

Rattan Christmas Tree Skirt

3. Choose that Christmas party outfit.

If you have children, spend an evening looking at getting their Christmas party outfits/nativity outfits too!

4. Get your turkey

The most important part to the Christmas dinner is your turkey of course. You can order your Christmas turkey in most places before the 15th December, so to ensure you don’t forget it we’d suggest doing this in the first week.  

Week 2 (7th December – 18 days to go)

1. Prepare your food shopping list.

Prepare your Christmas dinner shopping list, which you can put up on the fridge and then simply grab a week before (that way you won’t have forgotten anything)

Controlling The Christmas Chaos

2. Buy and order your presents 

(By now you should have an idea of what to get for your loved ones this Christmas) This will give you enough time to order anything and save you panicking at the last minute! Plus, you can organise getting secret presents delivered to work, so nobody at home will see them.

3. Household organisation

In between shopping, we know that house work needs to be done. Check out our stylish Keswick White Wash Wicker Storage Baskets. These charming baskets come in 4 practical sizes and enhance your space, which makes folding away towels and clothes far more enjoyable! 

Keswick White Wash Wicker Storage Baskets

Week 3 (13th December – 12 days to go)

1. Write & send out your Christmas cards.

After a long day’s work, sit down with your Christmas card list in front of the fire with a glass of red and write out your cards. Cards are becoming less popular and are being replaced with digital text/social media wishes instead, which is a shame in our opinion! Take some time to write a lovely message and date the card, so it becomes more of a keepsake.

2. Prepare your home for clutter.

Don’t let the mess in your home get on top of you this year. These timeless storage trunks are the perfect solution to quickly store toys, books and even keep presents out the way. Plus, they look gorgeous and add an elegant, rustic feel to your home. 

Wicker Storage Trunks

3. Bake with the family

Take some time out to bake some delicious Christmas biscuits with your family and wrap up warm for frosty walks (and bring the dog too!) After all, Christmas is about family and it’s crucial not to miss out on memories.

Baking Christmas Biscuits

Christmas New Forest Walks

Week 4 (18th December Final week – 7 days to go!)  

1. Get all the ingredients for your Christmas dinner.

Remember your Christmas dinner shopping list you wrote over a week ago? It’s on the fridge! Simply grab it and go – don’t forget to add the necessities as most shops will be closed of course. We’re talking, bread, eggs, loo roll and of course, plenty of wine & Prosecco…

2. It’s time to wrap those presents!

Watch this great video of how to wrap the perfect hamper for this year’s most thoughtful Christmas present. You can purchase your own hamper kit, here.

Finally, It’s been a busy month, but you’ve completed everything. So it’s time to sit, relax and watch a good Christmas film with your family.

To view more of our baskets and choose the perfect gift for your loved one, click here and all that’s left to say from us is Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!

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