Easter Adventures For The Family

This year’s Easter activities include so much more than Easter egg hunts. Be sure to have the camera at the ready, as we have gathered some of our favourite, unique and exciting Easter adventures that you will love. From unique scavenger hunts to Easter inspired picnics, there’s so much to enjoy, just choose your favourite!

Pastel Easter Decor

Easter Activities and Decor Ideas

Firstly, decorate your home. This is the perfect opportunity to have a good spring clean and add some subtle but stylish decorations in your home for Easter. Clean the windows and open them up to allow fresh air into the home. Then vaccum all the skirting boards and have a good deep clean of the kitchen. Now it’s time to decorate. One of our most favourite ways of elegantly styling the home for Easter, is to hang Easter eggs around the home. Fill up a rustic wicker planter or a jug with some foraged sprigs from your garden or from nature, then complete with your hanging Easter eggs. You can even make this yourself out of eggshells and simply paint over them. This is also such a fun activity for children, so get the children involved and give them a selection of homemade or plastic Easter eggs to hang from trees in the garden. For other subtle touches, why not hang a wicker wreath filled with easter eggs on your front door and complete your shelves with wooden bunnies and fresh daffodils for a charming seasonal feel.

Unique Easter Scavenger Hunt

For the little explorers on the hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy this activity in your own garden and around the house. Create a map for the children with clues on where to find the eggs and then, simply hide them around the garden or in various rooms in your home. To make it easier for them to collect their eggs, why not give them one of our rustic wicker shopping baskets that they can use to collect the treats in? Or instead of traditional chocolate Easter egg hunts, why not organise a scavenger hunt at home and hide random items around the house that rhyme with their name? It’s a great game for little ones.

Easter Inspired Picnic

Create an Easter inspired picnic at home, filled with delicious Easter inspired goodies! Including sandwiches, hot cross buns and don’t forget to include mini eggs in your picnic. Browse our wide range of timeless picnic baskets and set up your fabulous Easter picnic, which you can also do in the lounge or in the garden. To make your picnic extra special, you could even cut your sandwiches in the shape of Easter bunnies!

Easter Den In The Garden

Speaking of your garden, use it as an easy opportunity to occupy the children for a while and give yourself a break from the chaos! Just grab some old sheets or towels, some cushions and a clothes horse and set up a magical Easter den in the garden for the children to play in. Complete this fabulous den with some fun games and snacks. This will give you an opportunity to do a spot of spring cleaning or sit down with a coffee for 20 minutes in peace.

Easter Baking Recipe

Finally, baking at home is one of our favourite pastimes at Easter. Gather your aprons and your mixing bowls to rustle up some delicious Easter treats with the children. One of our favourite childhood favourites include Easter nests, made from cornflakes dipped in melted chocolate in cupcake cases with mini eggs in the centre. Or why not rustle up some traditional Easter biscuits in the shape of Easter eggs, rabbits and daffodils and allow the children decorate.

Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding recipe

For a delicious Easter pudding with a twist, complete your Sunday lunch with a sumptuous hot cross bun, bread and butter pudding. This golden, buttery pudding is the classic dessert for Easter and when added with a sweet, spiced hot cross bun it makes for the ultimate Easter pudding for afters!

Now, what activity will it be? Whatever you decide to do, be sure to tag us in on Instagram @thebasketcompany so we can see what unique Easter activities you will be taking part in this year.

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