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If are looking for the definition of hygge and truly encompassing the cosy season, look no further than the home of Carol’s @simplyhouseandhome, where “simple living” is embraced.

A slower pace of life is natural in the countryside, however, Carol’s beautiful London-based home has the best of both lifestyles. In Carol’s home you will find details of cosy calm features, in every corner. The décor is designed with the serenity to escape the excitement of city life.

“My inspiration for my décor has mostly come from places I have visited or stayed. Norway and the Cotswolds had the most impact with choice of colour palette and mix of vintage and new”

Carol’s home is “hygge” personified. Featuring modern décor and soft furnishings that creates a sense of calm and total relaxation in her home, complete with the gentle, warming glow of petite candles to enhance cosiness during these chilly months.

Scandi Coastal Bathroom Decor

“I actually do not have a favourite. I love different areas for different reasons. The dark bathroom for its warmth and dramatic contrast. The kitchen simple shaker styling I never tire of. The simplicity makes it so easy to change with the seasons and give a whole fresh look without changing the colour of cabinets and walls. The sitting room with its traditional style compared to the family room with its mix of modern and country. I could go on!”

We love that every single room in Carol’s home is different, from floral patterns, rustic country textures and hints of coastal vibes in the bathroom and the boot room, it really is a haven of inspiration.  

Here is an exceptionally creative idea.

Scandi Storage Solutions

Carol has used our Grey & Buff Rattan Display Basket as a storage solution to store all of her scarves, hats and gloves. This diverse basket, which is typically used for displaying beautiful blooms and freshly baked goods, is perfect for the storage that Carol has chosen. The basket is complete with a sturdy handle making this the ideal solution for carrying around blankets to different rooms in the house, and its rustic texture looks absolutely gorgeous next to the other baskets that she has on display in this beautiful room.

Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Trays

Stylish Mindful Conservatory

Through to the back of Carol’s home you will find a room to spark mindfulness, a place to be totally at peace. “The Garden Room” This beautiful oak room features a contrast of brick walls and slaked lime. This rustic garden room includes a lovely seating area, making this room the perfect place to immerse in rainy days, whilst being surrounded by vibrant greenery with a cup of coffee.

Moving on to more of Carol’s creative accessory styling, she has used our show-stopping Pot-Bellied Basket, which is handwoven from exquisite Grey & Buff Rattan as a decorative piece in her home.

This fabulous basket has a multitude of uses, from log storage to storing away the unsightly, however Carol has used her basket as a base for a display of decorative sparse branches, interlaced with foliage and the gentle twinkle of fairy lights, which is beautifully placed in the corner of her kitchen.

“It’s hard to choose just one favourite from your collection, I love the Antique Wash Log Basket but I also love the cute Grey & Buff Rattan Market Basket

A Scandi Inspired Fireplace

Finally, we could not wait to show you Carol’s fireplace. The fireplace is crafted from brick, which is painted in such an elegant muted shade to naturally lift the feel of the space. Carol has chosen our small Antique Wash Oval Log Basket as a storage solution to keep all of her logs in. This basket is the perfect shade and colour for Carol’s gorgeous fireplace.  

We just LOVE your innovative creations so if you’d like to be featured next month, simply tag @TheBasketCompany on Instagram and show us how you’ve used your talents to style our baskets in your home or garden.

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