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Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily by all the talent that we see and we just have to share it with you. This month we bring you, a date with the Valentines, featuring Charlotte Valentine of @thehomethatmademe.

Romantic Valentine's Picnic

Charlotte’s home is effortlessly romantic, filled with nothing but refined and elegant interior, which oozes a very stylish and luxurious feel throughout the whole of her home. Plus, as her last name is Valentine we couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for this month’s theme. The best thing about Charlotte’s home is the intelligent use of warm tones, which makes for the perfect backdrop for a romantic date night at home.

Sometimes the simplest ideas for Valentine’s Day are the most memorable. Valentine’s day never needs to be over the top, as it’s about celebrating love in a way that is unique to you and your loved one, so this month we have partnered with Charlotte to bring you an idea for the ultimate romantic and memorable indoor date night at home.

Indoor Valentine’s Day date nights at home

Indoor date nights are a reminder that romance can be exciting and easily achieved, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. They can also be extremely thoughtful, with just a few touches to set the scene and the right accessories, you will have a recipe for a date night that your other half will love (and they might even request for it to become a future annual tradition). Charlotte Valentine and her husband often celebrate Valentine’s Day each year and this year we have collaborated on a wonderful idea for an indoor romantic picnic, to enjoy at home.

Charlotte has chosen her beautiful fireplace as a perfect space for a romantic picnic date. She has decorated this space with very simple but beautiful decorations, including felt heart-shaped bunting for the fireplace, helium red balloons and red and white tulips for the space (it’s all about those small and effective touches that make the biggest impact!) For comfort and relaxation, Charlotte has added in plush blankets and cushions, complete with scattered rose petals for ambience – because what Valentine’s date is complete without rose petals?

Romantic Valentine’s Day picnic

Charlotte has chosen our sumptuous Lavender Tartan 4 Person Picnic Basket, which features soft shades of lavender and beige tartan material, complete with a stylish antique wash finish. Charlotte is known for her love of beige, so this picnic basket sits beautifully amongst her refined and elegant interior, in her home. Not only is this idea perfect for romantic date nights in, during the winter but it could also be saved for beautiful hazy summer nights out in the garden, whilst watching the sun melt behind the trees. This quintessential picnic basket has a suitcase style carry handle for easy transportation and provides everything you may need to dine alfresco with ease.

Romantic picnic food ideas

Now what to choose for snacks? This can be tailored to your favourite type of snacks, whether that’s chocolate covered strawberries, sweets and cakes or perhaps you prefer savoury snacks, such as sandwiches or a selection of cheese and crackers. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy a romantic picnic and you can make it as simple or as indulgent as you wish! Charlotte and her husband have chosen a delectable selection of sweets dedicated to Valentine’s Day including pink chocolate covered pretzels, love hearts, doughnuts, Viennese swirls, popcorn, chocolates and strawberries to enjoy in front of the fire. If you are a fan of Charlotte’s home, you will know that she is a huge fan of Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Storage Baskets, so in true Charlotte style, she has chosen two of our Grey & Buff Rattan Oval Storage Baskets to keep the snacks in. Perfect for picking at, throughout the date!

Finally, no date is complete without a glass of something lovely and to match the elegant antique wash finish of her lavender picnic basket, she has chosen a 2 Person Antique Wash Wicker Wine Carrier to store a crisp bottle of prosecco to enjoy. Pop a strawberry into your glass of bubbles and your beverage is ready to “clink” in front of the fire, and toast to a wonderful date.

And remember you don’t have to have a date night with a partner. You can enjoy this activity with a friend or even with a pet. Charlotte’s adorable pug, Mungo, couldn’t wait to join in for a strawberry! Just look at that bow tie.

All that’s left to do is dim the lights, light some candles, play some soft music and enjoy your evening. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have all fallen in love with this idea in Charlotte’s home and if you would like to see more of her home, check out her Instagram page here.

We just LOVE your innovative creations so if you’d like to be featured next month, simply tag @thebasketcompany on Instagram and show us how you’ve used your talents to style our baskets in your home.

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