Featured This Month: A Kaleidoscope Of Colour

Each month we hand-pick one talented Instagrammer to be featured in our Journal and on our Instagram page.

This month, we are featuring the very talented RHS Chelsea gold medal winning garden designer, Ann-Marie Powell of @myrealgarden. If you’re looking for a glorious, dainty yet prosperous garden, which boasts an abundance of colour, Ann-Marie’s exuberant garden and wealth of knowledge is not one to miss.  

Ann-Marie began her Instagram account during the 2020 lockdown period. She took the opportunity to transform (what was) a neglected garden into an absolute paradise of colour and beauty, filming daily “lunch time live” Instagram videos for 100 consecutive days, providing solace for many people in the “My Real Garden” community. These informative videos included everything from tours of her garden, to tips on potting, turfing, sowing seeds, how to care for tools, growing vegetables and descriptions of each type of flower that she has grown.

Since then, her clever gardening hacks, the incredible displays of flourishing creativity, her beautiful flower crowns and her beaming light of positivity, has charmed thousands of Instagram followers across the globe.

Her majestic garden enchants us, attracting dreams of a wild fairy-tale garden, affluent in a variety of flowers. Looking at Ann-Marie’s Instagram page is like stepping into a kaleidoscope and as you take a virtual exploration of Ann-Marie’s whimsical garden, you will be able to spot every single colour of flower that you could ever dream of. From the exquisite arrays of proud amethyst iris pixie, to luminous, golden yellow and rich crimson tulips, to stunning burnt orange geums and beautifully speckled deep maroon anemone (to name a few), which are beautifully arranged around her perfectly manicured, lusciously green lawn.

We are so thrilled to see that Ann-Marie has such an incredible collection of our Grey & Buff Rattan Planters in her extraordinary garden. Here you will see that she has chosen quite the assortment, featuring our Grey & Buff Rattan Rope Handled Planters, our Tapered Grey & Buff Rattan Planters and our Grey & Buff Round Wicker Planters to home her stunning array of tulips, adding a gorgeous, rustic texture for her ethereal space.

“It’s true, I can’t get enough of your rattan planters!”

(Check out the bug hotel she has created in the left photo!)

If you didn’t think Ann-Marie’s garden couldn’t get any more plentiful, she also has a natural talent for growing her own fresh vegetables and herbs. In her wonderfully quaint allotment garden you will find carrots, tomatoes, purple sprouting broccoli, squash, potatoes, runner beans and many more, which she loves collecting in our selection of wicker trugs and using as ingredients in her home cooked dishes.

“I am a super fan of your products!”

Just look at that vibrancy, we’ve never seen a basket that looks so colourful and full of healthy, crisp veggies!

Like many of us, Ann-Marie has spent a lot of time in her garden, practising gratitude, recognising how much happier we are in nature and how even the smallest things in life, make us truly happy.

“The garden finds me appreciating the small details of life. An aged knot in our bench at the bottom of our garden and dirty fingers for example”

You can find many of Ann-Marie’s favourite gardens that she has connected with through Instagram over the years in her very own book titled “My Real Garden”. Her book features over 100 real gardens from real gardeners, including children, experienced gardeners and professionals.

“On occasion beautiful things rise up from ugly situations. Feeling unimaginably adrift and tearful as the pandemic hit, like so many of us I look for solace and found fellow gardeners through @myrealgarden. Together our all-embracing community grew hope and sunshine – a special kind of magic and gardening therapy which our book aims to bring to others”

If you’d like to see more of Ann-Marie’s garden, you can follow it here.

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