Featured This Month | A Stunning Transformed 1930’s Bungalow

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To kick start the year with timeless elegance, organisation and beautiful interiors, we bring you the exquisite home of Michelle @home.in.herts, a stunning transformed 1930’s bungalow.

There’s nothing quite as soul-cleansing as starting off the new year with a good clean, to make space for a clear home and a clear headspace. We are all about getting organised for January and we can’t think of a better home to look to for organisation inspiration, than the home of Michelle @home.in.herts.

1930’s bungalow renovation inspiration

Michelle has transformed this 1930’s bungalow with dated interior, into a swoon-worthy and stylish cottage inspired home, fit with modern, timeless and luxury decor and beautiful interior pieces. Her creativity is completely second to none and we absolutely love to see how her visions for each room in the home, unfold into the most stunning transformations – each one more spectacular than the last.

Not only is Michelle mad on interior, she is also mad about organisation! Her home is a treasure trove of home hacks, not to mention she uses a basket for just about every storage staple in her home, for immaculate styling.

Modern country farmhouse inspiration ideas

Let’s start in her kitchen. As we embrace this last stretch of the colder season, nourishment is essential. One of our favourite ways to embrace being indoors is to fill the home with delicious smells of nutritious, home cooked, hearty meals, such as winter stews, soups and curries. We could spend all winter in Michelle’s kitchen. It’s the most beautiful, stylish and cosy place to enjoy a candlelit dinner or morning coffee. We love the rustic wooden table, combined with the modernity of a scroll-stopping stylish muted colour palette. A sensational combination of a rustic country home, resulting in homely, timeless and elegant surroundings.

Modern country farmhouse storage ideas

To fill up this beautiful grey shoe storage bench, she has chosen 4 of our Grey & Buff Rattan Rectangular Storage Baskets as a stylish storage staple. Perfect for storing hats, scarves, gloves and any loose odds and ends.

“The rectangular baskets have now completed my shoe storage bench… it looks so much tidier now”

Our Grey & Buff Rattan Shopping Basket sits proudly on top, filled with dainty faux flowers to add natural colour and vibrancy.

“I never thought I’d get myself a shopping basket… I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use it for so many things”

For gorgeous wintry touches and added visual interest, this scene is complete with scattered pine cones and a beautiful vintage chamberstick candle holder, which creates all the hygge vibes.

Modern country fireplace inspiration

This fireplace takes #TransformationTuesday up to the ultimate level. Michelle has transformed an uninspiring and dated fireplace, into a rustic, modern fireplace with gorgeous brickwork and beautiful décor. Complete with a wicker log basket, that is similar to our round Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Log Basket to keep her fireside organised, whilst enhancing the cosiness.

Michelle enjoys luxurious accessories but is always on the hunt for making home accessories herself, if she finds the cost too high. Here she found this black hoop and added on a beautiful berry accessory to create this beautiful little wreath for her utility room, which resulted in a cost of less than £10! Such a clever idea.

Modern country storage ideas

It’s the perfect touch to Michelle’s utility room, which is beautifully organised with jars for pegs, loose bits and bobs and wicker storage baskets for organisation.

There’s nothing like enhancing empty spaces with little decorative touches and Michelle is especially creative at adding style to corners of her home.

For any home of true organisation an umbrella basket is not to be missed and in Michelle’s immaculate hallway, she has added our Grey & Buff Rattan Round Umbrella Basket to keep the hallway clear. This strong and robust basket is sturdy and light, complete with a timeless roll top feature and handles for easy manoeuvring. This charming feature is perfect for any home and makes storing your umbrellas easy for you and your family. It just looks so perfect in this space!

Finally for some beautiful and inspiring boot room inspiration, we couldn’t wait to show you Michelle’s hallway. For perhaps one of the messiest rooms in the home, Michelle has created a very simple and practical space to keep the hallway tidy.

“Storage space is so important to me so I went with full length cupboards. I love them because we built in hidden shelving as well as a large area of space to store the hoover, mop and brushes”

To go with the theme of the rest of her home, she has decorated this room in timeless, muted shades of grey and completed the unit with some storage baskets for flawless organisation, with a gorgeous little wicker wreath to hang on the handle (in true Michelle style).

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