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Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily by all the talent that we see and just have to share with you. This month we bring you a regal garden by @maud_seendgarden

A grand Wiltshire stately home

Imagine admiring the view out of a grand 19th century stately home, above rolling fields of enchanting Wiltshire countryside. Picture stepping out of your back door into a magnificent spring garden with beds of cascading tulips and peonies and in summer enjoying an afternoon of tranquillity where strolling beside a long row of light, floral scented lavender followed by a spot of tea in the walled rose garden are the favourite activities of the day. 

Maud Seend House Wiltshire Landscape

Maud’s home and garden are both a place of national heritage and natural beauty. Her home was built in 1805 and is steeped in history. She bought her home with dreams of an exciting project of creating a sensational landscaped garden and as soon as they moved into their home in 2011, she began designing her incredible garden using her knowledge, creativity and impeccable talent.  

Maud Seend House Wiltshire Stately Home
Maud Seend House Wiltshire Tulips

“I grew up in France between Paris and the countryside (near Le Mans). I guess this is where my love for garden and gardening came from: being able to escape and enjoy Mother Nature as much as possible.”

A regal English landscape garden

Maud’s garden boasts a beautifully regal manicured landscape and her favourite hobby is getting her hands into the soil, planting gorgeous cut flowers in the beds of her stunning kitchen garden to use when creating her beautiful flower arrangements.

“In England after getting married and 7 years later buying a house in Wiltshire, I started to design the garden there and went on RHS courses. I am now working for a landscape designer. Gardening and visiting gardens are a great joy for me as I can appreciate the great task it sometimes requires to create a garden”

Maud also has a great love of growing vegetables, which are growing beautifully in front of her proud green house, in this section of her walled garden. 

Here she has planted tulips in our Grey & Buff Rattan Planters and has placed them on each section of the bed for the new cutting flower garden that she is creating.

“I chose the Grey & Buff Round Rope Planters for the walled garden as I wanted a natural look for the flower garden”

Dreamy English garden flowers

Within Maud’s beautiful garden you will find the most lavish arrangements of an abundance of different flowers including Dahlias, Anemone Blanda, Roses, Hydrangeas, Magnolias and Daylillies just to name a few!

“My favourite flower is peony. I love them for their magnificent large flower. I have the three kind of Duchess of Nemours: Tree, Itoh and herbaceous and they are beautifully scented. So, the season for peony last in my garden for a month and a half. Cora Louise Itoh peony would be my favourite one if I had to choose among them”

Once the garden is in full bloom, there is nothing that she loves more than taking her wicker trug, carefully selecting her favourite blooms and delicately placing them in her peaceful pond.

Maud of Seend Garden Pond | Wiltshire

As the flowers float gracefully along the top of the clear water, Maud can relax and watch them therapeutically, glancing up every now and again to admire the view of Wiltshire countryside.

Visit Seend Garden with the National Gardening Scheme

The best part? If you want to see Maud’s garden in real life, you can! As she will be opening it to the public on Saturday 2nd July from 1 – 6pm with the National Gardening Scheme. Tickets cost £10 per adult (free entry for children) and all the proceeds will be going to this wonderful charity. You can book your tickets here at https://ngs.org.uk/view-garden/37882.

If you’d like to see more of Maud’s home, you can follow it here.

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