Featured This Month, July 2020: Enchanting 18th Century Cottage

Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily, by all the talent that we see and just have to share with you. This month we bring you an enchanting 18th century cottage by @littlestonecottageonthill

July is all about the beauty of simplistic living and as “National Simplicity Day” approaches on the 12th July, we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect home to fit the bill for this month’s feature. Donna’s home is an enchanting 18th century English stone cottage, nestled in Yorkshire and to say that she has a knack for creating a relaxed atmosphere in her home is quite the understatement, as every single room in her home is equally as peaceful as the next.

“We see ourselves as the custodians. It’s our responsibility to take care of it and preserve it’s history for the next generations”

The rustic wooden beams add such traditional and classic character to her home and the stylish and elegant décor pieces create such a soothing vibe. It really is the most charming little retreat to live in. To complete the look of Donna’s home, she has filled the inside with timeless, modern interior including delicate grey tones, plush grey features and wooden antique accessories for a luxurious feel.

Donna’s lounge is home to one of the most elegant brick fireplaces we’ve ever seen. It’s charming uneven brickwork and original wooden beam oozes a “hygge” vibe and creates the most perfect atmosphere for style and relaxation.

“My favourite part of the home is the whole of the lower level, which we created to make an open plan living area”

What better way to enjoy an evening of calm reflection, than by switching off the television, turning off the lights and just simply enjoying the gentle glow of candlelight and enjoying the natural crackle of a roaring log fire?

She uses our Grey & Buff Open-End Wicker Log Basket to carry logs with ease, which also provides essential storage beside her fireplace. We think it looks just fabulous (if we do say so ourselves)

Next, we’d like to take you through to Donna’s stunning garden, where you’ll find a sumptuous place to relax without any distractions. Donna thrives in spending lots of time in her lavish seating area in her garden. The perfect place to enjoy a spot of tea and savour the moment in peace and quiet. We could just imagine enjoying the stillness of the outdoors and sinking into one of those plush chairs for hours on warm summer evenings.

“We love sitting out here on our lower patio until midnight with our candles lit and music on”

Moving up to the upper level of Donna’s garden, you will find a lovely little dining area under a gorgeous pergola, complete with fairy lights and an opulent dining table, perfect for enjoying dinner al fresco! She simply loves gardening and has taken the opportunity this summer to create some beautiful display pieces. She has cleverly used our Grey & Buff Pot-Bellied Basket as a unique planter in her beautiful garden. Such a brilliant idea!

And just when you thought Donna’s little 18th century English retreat couldn’t get more perfect, she has also created the perfect home and garden for her hens to roam freely and happily, in and out of her home who also provide Donna with healthy, delicious eggs for her home cooking!

“I can identify each of my chickens by their voices and one of them Scarlet, even sings back to me! Since the beginning of lockdown, I’ve been gifting their eggs out to family and friends as shop-bought eggs have been in short supply for them all”

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