Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily, by all the talent that we see and just have to share with you. This month we bring you “A Fairy Tale Home” by @the_koo_koo_nest_

We can honestly say that we have never seen a home quite like Kathie’s. Her home is filled with such unique décor, featuring chalky shades of pink throughout her home and her shelves cascade with vibrant, botanical green plants, which are combined with a mishmash of antique interior pieces to create harmonious eccentricity. As we take you on a tour of Kathie’s enchanting bohemian style home, we guarantee that it will feel like you’re turning the pages of a fairy-tale book.

Her daughter’s bedroom has to be one of our favourite rooms in her house. How beautiful is that brick feature wall which is painted white but cleverly takes on the tones from the reflection of the ombré unicorn rainbow wall to the right. Complete with fans, pom poms and fairy lights reminding us of the inside of a real-life doll’s house.

Kathie has also featured our intricately braided Batu Water Hyacinth Basket as the ultimate boho chic storage solution, to keep Maisie’s room clutter free and keep all of her toys off of the floor.

In fact, Kathie has found many uses for this versatile basket and has even showcased how stunning it looks as a display to keep her extraordinary floral displays in and a base for her vibrant botanical indoor plants.

“This basket has made it all the way around the house while I’ve tried to decide where to best use it. I think I’ve decided I’m using this one as a planter…the handles make it very easy to move it around if needs be. However, I could change my mind at any moment”

The fairy-tale theme continues through to Kathie’s gorgeous garden, where you can expect to see divine floral displays, pink Chinese paper lanterns, art and home-made bunting. The perfect surroundings to enjoy a quintessential English tea party in the sunshine with some tea and delectable cakes.

“When my daughter asked for a pink playhouse to match the front door, I couldn’t have been happier to oblige! It’s a perfect al fresco dining scene”

Another favourite family feature in Kathie’s garden is her gorgeous bell tent, which is currently set up for the summer time as a family glamping escape in her field. She has completed the bell tent with beautiful handmade bunting and has scattered plush blankets and gorgeous thick cushions on the ground, to create the cosiest of glamping adventures at home! A perfect activity to do at home this summer.

“We just love our glamping tent It’s simply magical”

Kathie has also used our Tao braided Hemp Soft Storage Basket to store her cosy blankets and throws, a perfect solution for keeping the tent tidy whilst adding an extra touch of rusticity.

And just when you thought Kathie’s home couldn’t get more magical, her family can also expect to be joined with visits from Kathie’s adorable pet lambs who roam freely amongst her field and who often like to make an appearance in her home too.

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