Featured This Month, October 2020: Autumnal Front Door Décor

Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily by all the talent that we see and just have to share with you. This month we bring you some beautiful front door décor by Lucy @hercountryliving.

We can’t think of a better place to enjoy the beautiful crimson colours of autumn, than in the chocolate box village of the Cotswolds. The picturesque houses are built from ancient stone, nestled between pretty churches and miles of breath-taking, rural beauty and deep within the village, lies a beautiful 15th century character cottage, which belongs to Lucy of @hercountryliving.

“I’ve lived in the Cotswolds for a number of years now. I actually grew up in Avebury a small Neolithic village near the town of Marlborough in Wiltshire, so I have always been surrounded by beautiful countryside, historical sites and places”


The “pièce de résistance” of any home is the front door of your home. It’s the first thing that visitors see and the last and Lucy takes great pride in enhancing her honey coloured architecture of her enchanting cottage, creating such an inviting entrance that leaves you wondering what’s behind that soft green coloured door.

“In our cottage there have undoubtedly been hundreds of occupants as the cottage itself dates back to 1560 with foundations going back to the 12th century. So with that in mind I suspect there have been an incredible array of interiors, landscaping and decorations throughout which inspire me to think and be creative always honing in on my own personal style and interests” 

The limestone exterior combined with pops of colour from Lucy’s wisteria and the selection of plants surrounding the front door is simply alluring and reminds us of “The Holiday” one of our favourite Christmas films.

This season Lucy has chosen the most beautiful maple leaf wreath for her front door, featuring such bold, rich tones of scarlett, gold and medallion shades, a combination which showcases the true “finale” of an autumn display once summer is over. To finish the look, Lucy has added beautiful autumnal firethorns in our mini Grey & Buff Rattan Round Rope Handled Planters on either side of her front door, for a little extra rustic country charm.

Whatever the weather I love to go outside, whether I’m planting new things or decorating the front of my house with my beautiful grey & buff rattan rope handled round wicker planters it’s a joy to be in the garden!

Being out in the fresh air means that Lucy gets the opportunity to grow all of her vegetables organically and uses them as ingredients to make delicious home cooked meals. Her garden is currently providing a plentiful harvest, filled with tomatoes, carrots and not to mention the most beautiful sunflowers for decoration. She uses a trug to help her collect all of her ingredients and bring them inside.

Lucy loves to read and her love of the countryside, combined with her favourite novels has also given her lots of inspiration for her interior as well.

My favourite books are the Brontes, J. Austen and, B.Potter and I found myself picturing the interiors of properties often their outfits, designs and this is actually where my love of baskets sprung from.

And Lucy’s not the only one who loves our baskets! Her adorable cat, Lilly seems to have claimed our Antique Wash Wicker Washing Basket as her new bed, which Lucy uses to help with her laundry, perfect for transporting her linen to and from the washing machine to the drying line outside!

We’ve had to move the washing basket from upstairs in the spare bedroom to downstairs in the larder (which has a door) simply because she’d sleep in it 24/7 but I absolutely love my washing basket because it’s large, fits an excellent amount in and is easy and beautiful to use. It makes washing a little less tiresome and gives me something pretty to look forward to when it comes to getting the slog of clothes up on the line!

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