Featured This Month, October 2021: An Enchanting Cottage

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This month, we are featuring the enchanting cottage of @saraandcatherinestales.

Sara’s charming 700 year old cottage is every inch a story book home, with narrow beams, a crooked roof and lattice windows surrounded by beautiful gardens in Surrey, England. Its intricate details tell never ending stories of history, families and memories in each of its hallways.

“The fact that so many people lived within these walls. I feel like being part of history somehow and I love to look after the house for the next generations to come”

We know what you’re wondering as you read this, is the cottage haunted?

“Luckily not, but anyway I don’t believe in ghosts and I feel very safe and cosy here”

Upon buying this cottage there were a few changes that Sara wanted to make, the kitchen being one of them. Sara not only cooks in this kitchen but she also makes the most fabulous cakes! So, the kitchen truly is the heart of Sara’s home.

“Ever since we moved I was a bit annoyed as the kitchen had so much potential but looked a bit dark and too 90s. The granite was really an eye sore and I was so happy when Charles agreed to have it replaced”

Sara replaced the granite worktop with an incredibly rustic oak worktop, and repainted the yellow units in an exquisite “French Grey” by Farrow & Ball, complete with brand new porcelain and brass door handles. The light coming through this kitchen window almost looks like it is a painting, with beautiful bright sunbeams showcasing the oak features and a beautiful foraging basket hanging from the ceiling with some dried flowers. How quaint.

Sara’s eye for creativity and thrifty findings have resulted in some beautiful pieces that she has created for her home. After transforming this beautiful ebay antique sideboard, from a very traditional looking piece to match her beautiful, modern and elegant living room decor, she decided that some baskets were needed to fill the gaps and increase its storage capacity. Sara has cleverly used our Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Baskets as a storage solution and they look absolutely sensational in her antique piece!

“In a quirky cottage, storage is never enough!”

The Hallway has to be one of our most favourite parts of Sara’s house. Its very narrow staircase has the most charming appeal that has transported us back to the 14th century. Another one of the reasons that we love this space so much is that if you look closely, you may be able to spot the date this cottage was built. Can you see it? We’ll give you a clue… it’s etched into one of the beams. To add a pop of colour Sara has added a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful Grey & Buff Rattan Stair Basket, which is not only stylish but extremely practical when carrying things up and down the stairs.

“I love all the baskets you have, it’s impossible to choose my favourite! They are so useful and my secret way of keeping the ugly bits out of sight. At the moment I’m lusting over the trugs: I really need to get some for the cottage!”

And finally, we cannot wait to show you the garden.

“At some point this house was lived in by physicians and the whole garden was used to grow medicinal herbs. These days the garden is mainly used to eat loads of cake”

Sara’s garden is abundant in so many beautiful flowers including primroses, violets, a lilac tree, wild strawberries and many more. You can clearly see by the absolutely sensational cakes that Sara bakes, that the flowers make the most beautiful garnishes and decorations!

We just LOVE your innovative creations so if you’d like to be featured next month, simply tag @TheBasketCompany on Instagram and show us how you’ve used your talents to style our baskets in your home or garden.

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