Each month we handpick one talented Instagrammer and their impeccably beautiful home to be featured in our journal and on our Instagram page. We are truly inspired daily by all the talent that we see and just have to share with you. This month we bring you a “still life painting” by Alice of @alicesgrace_

We love everything about Alice’s home. The combination of her dramatic interior, balanced with vintage accessories and rustic décor pieces, captured by her spectacular moody photography makes us want to escape into her world of creativity.

The deep fusion of sultry tones and warm layers in Alice’s home creates a mesmerizing image of an oil painting that has come to life. The vintage portraits of her home, give elements of mystery and romantic, bitter-sweet melancholy, creating the cosiest vibes as we slowly transition into autumn.

Alice also has impeccable taste for décor and ultimate storage ideas, all across her home, which feature many of our baskets.

She has many purposes for our exquisite Antique Wash Carry Basket which has a multitude of uses around Alice’s household, including storage for blankets and also a centrepiece for her beautiful flowers.

Its brassy, neutral texture looks sensational against either a dark, rich panelled wall or neutral tones and makes a great addition for storing logs by the fireplace or even for gathering fruit in from the garden.

Next is Alice’s little reading nook. Perfect for rainy days, she has created a gorgeous little space to sit in silence and enjoy a good book. She has also cleverly used our Grey & Buff Rattan Cube Storage Baskets to keep this space organised and the books tidy.

We can’t cope with this adorable image. Here you’ll find our Large Grey & Buff Rattan Umbrella Basket being used as a hiding place by her son Jamie.

Doesn’t our umbrella basket look so fabulous in this beautiful bootroom? Alice has curated the most stunning area to slip off soggy coats and muddy wellies. To fit the theme of her home, she has chosen earthy coloured panelling with an unobtrusive pop of colour from a delicate lavender wreath.

Finally, here is Alice’s “ultimate storage solution”

“We had this space measured up for inbuilt storage and the quote for it made my eyes water, so an Ikea billy bookcase was a no brainer”

Game: spot the Jamie

Alice’s genius idea paid off, costing less than £350 for the bookcases, moulding, trim and mid-grey “cobble” paint by Neptune. To complete this elegant unit, she has used our timeless Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Baskets to store toys and loose odds and ends. It’s such a proud ageless interior piece, which she can enjoy for years to come.

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