Fuel The Soul

It’s not always about getting organised for the cosy season… it’s about getting organised in style. Here at The Basket Company, we suggest infusing your home with rustic accessories that not only keep the home tidy but also make the home unfussy, de-cluttered and stress-free.

It’s the right time of year to feed your innovative senses and since you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors, you’ll want to create a sanctuary of warmth, cosiness and style to intensify the feeling of togetherness. Including roaring log fires, hearty home-cooked seasonal meals and mellow autumnal decor, such as tawny shades of burgundy and caramel.

Nothing says “welcome home” like filling your home with scents of nutmeg, cedar wood and spice and dimming the lights for a feeling of serenity. It doesn’t get more perfect than that does it? Here are some of our other favourite ways to spruce up the home and fuel the soul this winter.

Cosy Accessories For The Home

Your home should be a place you want to escape to. Once you’re home, put your phone on silent and start a home self-care routine. Fill up a pot of your favourite tea, whether that’s a musky-sweet Darjeeling or a delicate rosehip and settle down with your favourite book and a couple of bickies, whilst thinking about all the simple autumnal touches you can do, to spruce up your home this season. Perhaps start by simply adding an autumnal garland on your mantlepiece or filling up your vase with some beautiful dried hydrangeas and pampas grass for natural beauty. You could add white pumpkins to your rustic footstool basket, which is such an elegant way of adding seasonal charm to your home. Very simple, effective and cost-effective!

Sturdy Grey & Buff Rattan Floor Baskets

Make a statement in your home and capture the true essence of charm and versatility with our sturdy Rattan Wicker Storage Baskets. These beautifully handwoven baskets are perfect for storing just about anything, including those loose pesky toys or shoes. We couldn’t think of a better way to make storage easy, without compromising on style!

And of course, we had to add logs and pumpkins… they are Autumn delights after all!

Chunky Rattan Storage Baskets

Fireplace Decor Inspiration

Speaking of the logs, naturally, during this time of year you’ll be lighting the fire for warmth and we all know that nothing boasts the cosiness of autumn, like a crackling log fire. Make your fireplace so cosy that you’ll want to stay inside all winter, with added elegance from our timeless rustic wicker log baskets for logs and kindling.

Freshly Foraged Winter Feasts

Whilst the fire is crackling away, thoughts turn to dinner. As the early evenings draw in, fill the kitchen with the delicious scents of hearty home-cooked meals for you and the family. We are supposed to eat in tune with the seasons to fill our bodies with the correct and vital nutrients to prepare for the season. For example, during Autumn and Winter foods such as pears, plumbs, brussels sprouts, kale, chestnuts, cobnuts, figs and leeks should make a regular appearance on our plates. Why not go foraging for some cobnuts to make into a creamy cobnut soup? Or combine some hearty wintry vegetables with a succulent beef wellington for the perfect meal that the whole family will love.

Cosy Blanket And Cushion Baskets

Lastly, your cosy, stylish haven would not be complete without snug blankets or throws to get cosy with at the end of the day and the beauty is, is that you can simply grab them when you need them for warmth. For an additional autumnal and wintry touch – fill your home with materials of burgundy, mauve and chestnut. What about some patterned, autumnal shades for your sofas and the bed? Keep them nearby in a floor basket, which you can store away when the season changes!

So, there you have it, the perfect way to keep warm, stylish and to fuel your soul this autumn and winter.

Stylish Christmas Decorations

Whilst you’re getting all cosy in your home you might be thinking about ideas for Christmas presents. Browse our wide range of Christmas hampers here and create a winter wonderland in your home, with our new range of charming Christmas accessories, including scampering woodland reindeer and our elegant rattan Christmas tree skirts.

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