Hosting the Perfect Family Picnic

The perfect picnic is a relaxing stress free way to sit back and doze off in the warm sunshine while listening to the calm serenity of the countryside…

A mutter of soft rustling leaves in a light breeze along with the peaceful but joyful tunes of songbird nearby. This moment of tranquillity with the family sounds most pleasant but aiming for that delicious lunch on a sunlit Sunday afternoon requires planning, which we are here to provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need to make your leisure day much more enjoyable.

Hosting The Perfect Family Picnic

Glorious picnic food ideas

There are no rules on the food you should have on a picnic though you could settle with the classic British goodies such as sandwiches, pork pies, potato salad, scotch eggs and quiche. Remember to provide those dips! Everyone likes a bit of guacamole and hummus with their cucumber, carrot and celery slices. The perfect picnic must have a pudding finale with plenty of sweet treats, maybe a yummy chocolate tart and blueberry muffins, or if you want to fully seal the British picnic cuisine plate you could devour a scone generously coated in cream and strawberry jam.

Traditional Wicker Picnic Baskets

Everybody wants to dine in style in the old fashioned way, sitting on cosy chequered blankets whilst sipping a Prosecco or two! Perfect for a family of four, this luxurious picnic hamper comes with a set of cutlery, crockery and glasses all strapped in and fastened tight for safe travel. You’re supplied with all the forgetful little accessories such as a bottle opener, salt and pepper shakers and napkins. Additionally, it comes with a picnic blanket which matches the tweed fabric of the interior of the hamper. Finally, our Luxury Tweed 4 Person Picnic Hamper has 2 sections, one half has a space to put all your dry goodies and the other half has a built in cool-bag to keep perishables cool and fresh. You can view our complete range of picnic baskets here.

Tweed Picnic Hamper Basket

Picnic activity ideas

Although on your picnic mission you set out to float off to wonderland in your little relaxation bubble, you still need to keep the restless little ones entertained. Maybe you’d like to join in the fun as well and work up an appetite before digging into those pies and scones! Embrace a breezy day, by flying a kite in the high winds and watch it dance about in the sky. A more physical activity would be a game of frisbee, a simple game of football or if you have woods and tree’s nearby you can play a sneaky game of hide and seek. If you prefer a little more of a hushed atmosphere, you can keep the kids busy with skipping ropes, blow bubbles or a spot of croquet.

Hosting the Perfect Family Picnic

Where to go on a picnic?

Picnics are all about the right location with the right ambience, the prettiest surroundings and getting away from the noise and commotion of everyday life. Choose to picnic in the long flowing grass of a summer meadow with the bees buzzing and maybe a river nearby – ideal for a nap in the sun on your picnic blanket. Don’t forget all our national parks and heritage sites with their beautiful lawns and tree lined paths – they make the perfect picnic setting but take care to ensure that you pick up any rubbish to preserve their natural beauty and homes for wildlife. 

Hosting the perfect family picnic

Sounds just wonderful doesn’t it? We’d love to hear your tips on hosting the perfect family picnic. Leave us a comment below or follow us on Instagram @thebasketcompany and tag us in your adventures!

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