How to deal with post-Christmas clutter

Is it just us or do you also just love cleaning up unwanted clutter that has magically accumulated during the exciting Christmas and new year period? We just love cleaning up after Christmas and taking down the decs for a fresh new start to a brand-new year and there’s nothing more satisfying then getting the house cleaned up as quickly as possible, so you can have your home back to the way it was in no time.

From cardboard boxes and wrapping paper in the lounge to lots of excess wine and beer bottles in your kitchen and garage, no doubt you’ll probably wish that you can click your fingers to have your house looking back to normal again! However, it doesn’t have to be chaotic and it can actually be a very refreshing task to de-clutter the post Christmas madness, so let’s give you a helping hand with what we do best, soul-cleansing organisation tips.

De-clutter post-Christmas packaging

Doing this first will make an immediate difference to the mess. Be sure to do this sustainably, sort out everything that can be recycled and reused. For example, if you have any wrapping paper that’s still in excellent condition, keep it for next year.

Organising Christmas decorations for next year

Now that you’ll have a bit of a clearer mind from less clutter, this task will be more therapeutic. Instead of an old box, why not use a durable and stylish basket, as a more elegant and convenient solution.

Lara at @sticksandthecity_ doesn’t have a loft, therefore she has cleverly used a beautiful Wicker Storage Chest as a stylish solution for her decorations. You would never even guess what’s in there!

De-Clutter new Christmas toys

Toys are lovely but good grief they are pesky items to keep tidy! Why not keep all those gorgeous new toys stored neatly away in a sturdy wicker Storage Trunk, which doesn’t compromise on style!

Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Trunk

Choose from a range of beautifully handwoven and sturdy trunks, including our Grey & Buff Rattan Trunk, which looks perfect in every room. This could be a good opportunity to discard old toys that the children don’t play with anymore, which can be collected and given to charity. Once the floors are clear, hoover and mop!

Tackle kitchen and garage Christmas clutter

Now that the decs are down and the floor is clear, it’s time to tackle the kitchen and the garage! Let us guess, there are bottles everywhere, which are minimising kitchen worktop space and looking rather out of place? Our cleverly designed Drinks Baskets, and Wooden Beer Crates and Wine Crate Holders, are perfect for elegantly storing away extra unwanted clutter in your kitchen and garage. They also make the perfect gift for any beer or wine enthusiast, cheers to that! Once you can see your kitchen units again, give them a good wipe down with some wintry cleaning products or your favourite wintry edition of zoflora to give your nice, organised kitchen a fresh, clean smell.

How to organise bathroom goodies

All those new bathroom essentials such as luxurious shower gels and bath bombs that you got for Christmas will have to find a new place to live in your bathroom. To keep your bathroom organised, simply store them away in a beautifully lined basket on your shelf, which will match your lovely bathroom interior. Why not use these Antique Wash Wicker Storage Baskets? Complete with a removable, washable lining. This will also give you the perfect opportunity to throw away some old stuff that you don’t use anymore.

Ta da, that’s better! At last you can look around at your beautifully fresh tidy home, just in time for the new year. 

If you need any more storage ideas or perhaps there are lots of rooms that need de-cluttering, make sure to check out the rest of our website and browse our wide range of elegant storage solutions, to give you a helping hand in the new year.

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