How To Fill Your 2020 January Journal

Water Hyacinth Shallow Baskets

There’s something really quite special about January. The frost glistening on wintry leaves in heavy morning dew, fresh walks in crisp air and thinking about the prospects of new goals for a brand-new year. What do you envision for yourself this year? What goals would you like to achieve that you didn’t achieve last year?

We believe the best way to start the year is with a journal. There are endless benefits to daily journaling, it provides healing, self-discipline and also holds a record of events in our lives that we can look back on in years to come. It also helps you get organised and we have a list packed full of ideas to help you fill your journal and some mindful tips to bring peace and serenity into your busy schedule, so you can make 2020 the best one yet.

We’re here with tips on how to fill your January journal and to kick start 2020 in the right direction for you. 

Organised Paper Work

You will get that paper work organised this year. Use these Grey and Buff Wicker Storage Trays to create a rustic filing cabinet to keep all those important documents organised. That way you will know where everything is and will save you time rummaging around!

Grey & Buff Storage Tray Basket

Less Time On Digital, More Time On Paper 

Once you have sat down in the evening with a glass of red, switch off your digital devices and make time to note down all the positive things that happened that day and all the things that you are grateful for. Remember that your journal can be filled with anything you like, it is your own personal space to say and do what you want. 

Controlling The Christmas Chaos

This very simple exercise is a cathartic way of lifting your spirits and calming your soul in the evening, so that when it comes to bed time you can fall asleep with a positive mindset, rather than fighting with a busy brain!

No More Clutter In The Pantry

Lifestyle vlogger, Lydia Millen, has used our very popular Deep Grey & Buff Wicker Storage Baskets as the perfect solution for her pantry. We just love her organisation ideas, especially as she has completed them with little chalkboard labels. They are definitely our favourite accessory!

No more clutter in the pantry

Walks In Green Nature To Calm Your Mind

Being in the great outdoors in green surroundings can offer you moments of peace and serenity. Pausing for a moment to make yourself aware of your surroundings and savouring nature, will naturally quieten the mind. Here in the New Forest National Park we are blessed with acres of velvety moors and deep, intricate woodlands, so those moments of peace and serenity come naturally to us.

Take a moment out of your hectic week to explore your nearest park or woodland and relax your mind, body and soul.

Keep Your Floor Clear This Year

Finally, this Rattan Tapered Wicker Storage Basket is the perfect solution to keep those pesky new (and old) toys in. These robust baskets have strong handles to make lifting easy, plus their muted tones would suit just about any room.  

Rattan Tapered Wicker Storage Baskets

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