How to make Christmas better than any year before

We know that Christmas 2020 is going to be a little different this year but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the most magical Christmas of all and our aim is to ensure that this Christmas is going to be the best one yet.

This year we have upped our Christmas game to the next level and we cannot wait to show you what’s in store. From Christmas tree inspiration, to an entire selection of new products and ideas to create your own German market at home, you will find a grotto of festive delights to enhance Christmas spirit at home this year.

Firstly, no matter what your plans are this year, don’t think twice about decorating the house. The charm of Christmas magic still lives on here at The Basket Company and we have got the perfect decorations to make for an absolutely stunning home filled with Christmas cheer.

The Christmas Tree

We have two very special and inspirational ideas for you this year to give you some ideas to freshen up your tree and give it a New look for 2020.  

The first design is our elegant, winter wonderland style Christmas tree. This design oozes sophistication and is a perfect choice for any home with Scandi style décor or a calm colour palette of Grey, muted tones.

To create this look you will need:

 A frosted Christmas tree
White organza
A selection of white, silver and rose gold baubles
Our antique wash flat star
Our Grey & Buff Rattan Christmas tree skirt

Start by roughly weaving in 5 strips of white organza vertically through the branches down from each side of the tree, starting at top. Next add your selection of baubles, begin with adding large baubles first, followed by medium baubles and fill any little gaps in the tree with small baubles to achieve the “full” look we have created. Finally, complete your tree with some rustic touches, such as our silver wicker star to go with the theme and don’t forget to add your rattan Christmas tree skirt to hide the unsightly leg stand at the bottom of the tree.

Inspired by our home, the enchanting New Forest National Park, we have designed our very own rustic Christmas tree this year filled with charming woodland accessories and forest delights.

To create this look you will need:

A green Christmas tree
Hessian fabric
Cream organza
Woodland inspired baubles
Our rustic wicker hearts
Our light up star Christmas decoration
Our Grey & Buff Rattan Christmas tree skirt

For this method, start with weaving in 5 strips of hessian fabric and cream organza vertically through the branches down each side of the tree, starting with the top. Next add your baubles. As we wanted a “new forest” themed Christmas tree, we went for a selection of acorn baubles, pine cone baubles, rusty mahogany, gold and silver baubles and our brand-new wicker hearts to create a very unique, scroll-stopping style! To complete the look, we added our wicker light up star at the top to match the woodland theme and of course a Grey & Buff Rattan Christmas tree skirt to enhance style.

Which one is your favourite?

Watch as many Christmas films as you like

This year you do not need an excuse to stay in and watch a Christmas film, as you will have plenty of evenings to snuggle in your cosy Christmas sanctuary and watch as many movies as you like. What is your favourite Christmas film? Do you love a romantic comedy like “The Holiday” or do you prefer a magical Christmas tale such like “Santa Claus: The Movie”? 

Send a special Christmas package

If it’s a tradition in your home to watch your favourite Christmas film with someone close to you, why not send them a package with matching pyjamas or loungewear and a hamper filled with goodies for a shared movie night from afar. Pop in some hot chocolate, marshmallows, fluffy socks and a Terrys chocolate orange.

Leave with a note saying “Fancy watching a Christmas film on Netflix with me on Thursday 17th December at 7:30pm?” it’s such a thoughtful idea and they will love it!

Christmas family pub quiz over zoom

If your normal tradition is to enjoy a Christmas pub quiz, why not create a Christmas pub quiz over zoom or WhatsApp? Grab a pint of your favourite ale or perhaps a platter of cheese and biscuits with a glass of port and enjoy a giggle in the comfort of your own home.

Create your own Christmas German Market

So… the German markets may not be open to us this year, which means that this year you can create a German market in your own home. Fill your kitchen with the familiar scents of nostalgic Christmas smells such as succulent bratwursts with delicious fried onions to accompany the woody, warming flavour of some home-made mulled wine. To complete your evening at your very own German market at home, rustle up some sweet treats like sumptuous crepes or some delicious light, fluffy warm cinnamon doughnuts. The best part? There will be no queues to wait in!

If you like being creative, go all out this year and create your own version of Hyde Parks’ famous “Winter Wonderland” in your garden and fill your garden with stylish and elegant rustic Christmas decorations from our gorgeous new Christmas collection.

See our full collection here

Create a stall for your food and set up a rustic wicker display theme with lights and a festive plant display. Perhaps even wrap up warm, create a firepit and toast marshmallows under the stars, surrounded by all the twinkly lights in your garden to complete your fun evening.

Make a memory diary of Christmas 2020

There will never be a Christmas quite like this again, so be sure to treasure every moment. Take photos of everything you make, including your food displays at your very own German market and print them to stick into a memory journal that you can keep to look back on in years to come.

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