How to make Valentine’s Day extra special

Let’s face it, Valentine’s day is a lovely opportunity to treat your other half to feeling a little bit romantically spoilt for the day. In our fast paced and busy schedules, it’s sometimes easy to forget to treat our loved ones so now is the time to spoil your partner and make for a truly simple, fun and romantic Valentine’s Day.

We suggest simply sprucing up every day gestures with a few thoughtful extras that will delight them. Plus, we also have some great ideas for you to make some thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts too. Let’s get started.

Valentine’s Date Night Movie Night

Rather than going to the cinema, why not choose a good film or series at home and prepare some fresh hot chocolate, some popcorn and a soft blanket and snuggle in for the night with a loved one or why not enjoy the night in to yourself?

Romantic Valentine’s Dinner Date At Home

Set the table with tall candles and complete your romantic table setting with rose petals. Now, what to have for dinner?

Perhaps serve up a delicious sizzling steak with creamy mashed potatoes and asparagus or why not try a delicious chicken breast, topped with pesto and goats cheese combined with crispy potato wedges, and a fresh side salad. Compliment your meal with some relaxing music playing softly in the background and your romantic meal is complete.

Romantic Indoor Valentine’s Picnic Ideas

Dim the lights and scatter the floor with rose petals, tealights, blankets and fluffy cushions to create a memorable romantic picnic in your living room. Choose chocolate covered strawberries, fruit or ice cream for snacks and set a bottle of champagne centre stage with two champagne glasses.  Leave your digital devices to one side and enjoy the simplicity of conversation in romantic surroundings plus, you’re in the comfort of your own home, which is great because it means that no one has to drive! Complete the look with our Mini Antique Wash Wicker Hearts to enhance the atmosphere and at the end of your evening, store your blankets in our Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Floor Basket for style and convenience.

Here is a gorgeous example by Charlotte Valentine of @thehomethatmademe. She has transformed her living area for a beautiful romantic date night in by the fire, featuring our lavender 4 person picnic basket on a cosy setting of blankets and cushions and our Grey & Buff Rattan Oval Storage Baskets, which she has filled with delectable sweets and cakes. To complete the ambience, she has added red heart helium balloons and soft heart shaped bunting to her fireplace.

We don’t know about you… but doesn’t this look like the most perfect setting for a romantic Valentine’s proposal?

Valentine's Day Hamper Kit Proposal

At home spa inspiration

Lay out the dressing gown next to some soft, fluffy towels and slippers and prepare some iced water or aromatic herbal tea to begin the perfect pampering valentine’s spa experience at home. Fill the bath with bath salts and surround the room with candles or incense, which will fill the room with a sense of calm ambience and relaxation. If you don’t already have a bath shelf, purchase one and surprise your partner by filling it with a selection of spa treats that they can apply whilst in the bath. We’re thinking a beautifying body scrub, a face mask, a hair mask and essential oils. If you want to really impress them, place a glass of their favourite tipple on the shelf amongst all the goodies and for an extra romantic touch, place a red rose on the edge of the shelf.  Again, this is something that you can completely indulge in by yourself to provide yourself with a little self-care.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts

Take some time to organise a photo album or a scrap book. It makes for such a therapeutic activity, plus it is a wonderful idea for a gift, to do as a couple or on your own for Valentine’s day.

Include post cards, old cinema/concert tickets, holidays you’ve taken, sunsets you’ve shared. Perhaps you even have the currency leftover from the places you both went to? In which case, you can stick around the edges of the pages for a little nostalgic texture.

And there you have it! Of course, if you want to go all out and you’ve got the whole day available, you could spend an entire Valentine’s day together and complete all of these things we’ve suggested. Perhaps you’ve got favourite traditions for Valentine’s day that you love to do? Tell us in the comments below as we’d love to hear about them!

Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to show your home some love this Valentine’s day too. Read our latest blog “6 ways to show your home some love” for inspiration on how to fix your home up this Valentine’s day.

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  • Catherine Newey

    Romantic evening in with champagne and chocs. 🙂

  • Heather Haigh

    I will be baking hubby a chocolate torte – his favourite.

  • Kat Lucas

    I will be cooking a steak dinner and New York cheesecake for hubby

  • Andrea Elizabeth

    I will be buying my husband a subscription box, so every month he can get a little surprise in the post as a small little reminder of how much I love him. I will also be getting my nearly two year old to make him a card, which I’m sure he will treasure.

  • Dawn Wilkinson

    I will be making a meal for my man which is creative and slightly mad of me because he always cooks. I hope to fire up his passions not set fire to the kitchen!

  • Monika S

    I will be making banana cake ( my other halfs favourite ) and most likely handmade cards with our children

  • Samantha Gratton

    We’re making a handprint racing car for daddy of my baby girls hand ❤️

  • sally brown

    I am buying hin a spa day experience for us to share some time away from kids xxx

  • Jill macca

    We have a babysitter and are going out for Thai – lovely x

  • Out for dinner with my lovely hubbie 🙂

  • Kim M

    I’m making a vanilla sponge cake in the shape of a heart with rose buttercream

  • Alica

    I will make my hubby’s favourite Daim bar cheesecake 🙂 x

  • Becky Lavender

    Me and my partner are going for a walk on the beach on Sunday instead as we both have to work valentines day! I’ll be making him a nice dinner too!

  • wendy procter

    I will be making heart shortbread and a chocloate cake x

  • jen morgan

    will be making a lovely home cooked meal for my hubby

  • Laura Thom

    My Valentine happens to be 9…. My son…, I’ve got him a marbles game, he has to build tracks for the marbles to cascade down, I’ll get him some Valentine sweets and a few other little bits. I’ll take him out for ice cream as a valentines treat x

  • suzanne drummond

    sweatshirt and aftershave

  • suzanne drummond


  • Eva Fisher

    I will be bringing our new pug home for my hubbys Valentine gift. That will also be his gift to me for Valentines day. We are both so excited and cant wait to have our new puppy home.

  • suzanne drummond

    fingers crossed

  • Laura peach

    North we would be super creative for valentines day but this year we’re really pushing the boat out and treating ourselves. We’re going to Disney in a couple of days time 🙂

  • lisa dolatowski

    I will be making y husband breakfast in bed to start the day, then I will be making a homemade card and home made toffee and tablet! I will be making a jar of love tokens for him, we don’t have a lot of money so love tokens is a great way to get a few treats for next to nothing!

  • Great Helpful Valentine’s day Blog, Thanks for Sharing

    • The Basket Company

      You are very welcome! So glad it was helpful and we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day 🙂