How To Prepare For The Autumn Equinox

Here at The Basket Company, we are preparing for the arrival of the majestic Autumn Equinox, which takes place on 22nd of September 2021.

We can’t wait to dig out our wellies for fresh, crisp walks across blankets of gold and auburn tones and snuggling deep into the sofa, with a soft cotton blanket and a good book on rainy days.

The word “equinox” is derived from Latin and means “equal night”. On the day of an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal length all over the world. It is also akin to a spiritual experience, where new age tribes such as Neo-Pagans, Neo-Druids and Wiccans gather to celebrate new transition.

As we prepare for the new transition we have been thinking about our favourite ways to enjoy autumn and how to be organised, so here are some special tips on how to prepare for the Autumn Equinox.

Forest walks and Pannage in the New Forest

We are located in the New Forest National Park, in which we are blessed with an abundance of incredible scenery across hues of autumnal heath lands and intricate, bewitching woodlands where ponies, cattle, deer and other wildlife can roam care free. However, autumn is a particularly special time in the New Forest…

As the acorns, chestnuts and beech mast fall from the trees, around 600 domestic pigs will be released into the forest eating them from the forest floor. This is known as “Pannage” and it is a vital tradition in New Forest history. It is said that acorns in particular are poisonous to ponies and cattle whereas pigs are believed to spit out the toxic skins and they can simply enjoy gorging on the acorns!

It’s an incredible sight and not one to miss, so slip on your wellie boots and have your camera at the ready. The pigs can be spotted around 60 days after Pannage has begun. After you’ve returned home from your autumnal walk, store your umbrellas away in one of our charming umbrella baskets (There’s nothing worse than getting puddle water all over the hallway)


The trees are abundant with crisp, fresh apples, the gravel tracks are laden with sweet blackberries and the crops are at their peak, which means it’s time to introduce a little more natural and organic eating into our lives.
Harvest fresh, botanical vegetables from your kitchen garden or your allotment and use the ingredients to create delicious home cooked meals from garden fork to dinner fork.

Our rustic wicker trugs are a gardener’s best friend and an ideal tool for collecting fruit for a September dessert recipe!

Add Cosy & Rustic Texture

There’s nothing like an autumnal rustic touch like one of our handwoven wicker baskets. Our job here at The Basket Company is simply to create a serene lifestyle where relaxing becomes a priority and de-cluttering doesn’t, so forget rummaging around in cupboards and why not store your blankets and cushions in one of these in the lounge.

Not to mention they’ll be easy to grab for those snug, hot chocolate moments and you’ll just look too comfy to be disturbed!

Chores On Rainy Days

Rainy days are a reminder to slow down and hibernate in your cosy haven. Light some candles to naturally scent the home and listen to the calming pitter patter of rainfall, whilst doing therapeutic chores around the home.
Once the home is spick and span, snuggle on the sofa with a fresh cup of coffee and a good book. Remember, rainy days are for self-care

How do you like celebrating autumn? We’d love to hear about your favourite places to visit, delicious autumnal recipes you love to cook and your favourite traditions or activities.

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