How To Style Necessary Clutter

The ultimate steps for 6 of the messiest rooms in the home

De-cluttering is the best therapeutic exercise but it’s the necessary clutter in our homes that can be a challenge to organise aesthetically. A well-kept organised space saves you so much time from clearing up and stops you from being on the endless hunt for finding things in your home. Plus if your home is organised and refined with elegance, each corner of your home will be transformed into a tamed and stylish haven.

All it takes is a little inspiration and we have taken some real-life examples of homes and how they have styled their necessary clutter in 6 of the messiest rooms in the home.

Kids bedrooms

First up is the kid’s bedroom, arguably the messiest room in the house. When the children aren’t naturally tidy, a quick solution of keeping the floor clear of toys, books and crafts is a stylish floor basket. Floor baskets are a fantastic solution for clearing mess and reducing stress. They are easy for children to retrieve their toys and even easier for them to put away themselves! A tidy bedroom, promotes more space to play in and a better night’s sleep for children if the space is relaxed and uncluttered.

Bonus tip from us: make tidying up fun for the children and reward them with 10p every time they remember to put their toys in the basket at the end of the day (one less floor to tidy)

We just love this example of stylish storage by Kathie of @the_koo_koo_nest. To fit in with Kathie’s rustic Boho theme in her home, she has opted for our Water Hyacinth Batu Floor Basket. The perfect solution to clear the floor in seconds.

Utility room

The most useful room in the house doesn’t mean it can’t be organised and tidy. This is the space where all the laundry gets cleaned and organised, but it is also the perfect space for crafting and flower arranging. We suggest painting your utility room in calm, neutral colours to keep the mood balanced when doing your chores and using jars and storage baskets to keep loose odds and ends clear.

Bonus tip from us: check out how Samantha of @the_one_bespoke has designed a light, neutral room with only a splash of colour from fresh flowers. By alternating the choice of flowers for the season, this always keeps the room fresh, alive and vibrant.

Kitchen cupboards

Ahh the overflowing kitchen cupboards. When you’re rooting around for something in your kitchen cupboard that you have mis-placed, or perhaps you experience the familiar occurrence of someone else in the household, putting back things that are not in their proper place on a regular basis.

Lydia Millen Storage Ideas

Here’s our solution, why not choose our elegant Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Baskets as a beautiful solution for ultimate kitchen cupboard organisation, like this example by the wonderful Lydia Millen. To take the organisation up to the next level, we personally love these ceramic clay labels from @fabaclay ceramics. Her labels are so easy to fit and are optimal for organisation. These examples here were created by Jen to organise the bootroom. Don’t they look so beautiful?

Boot room organisation

Speaking of the bootroom, this is definitely the 2nd messiest room in the house. We have all been guilty of giving up trying to organise the endless sea of shoes, bags and coats that are lined up as neatly as possibly in the hallway, or stuffed in the cupboard for quick convenience. For a stylish alternative, keep reading for a bootroom to be proud of.

Becks Doyle of @thehousebuild received a quote of £4,000 to create this stunning boot room design (left) so she decided to design it herself for a cost of just under £1,000. She has completed her boot room with our Grey Wash Lined Deep Storage Baskets as a solution on the top and the bottom of the unit. To the right you will see some more fabulous storage for the hallway by Sarah Copestake @scopestake82 who has cleverly used our Grey & Buff Rattan Round Log Baskets as storage baskets underneath her elegant oak console table.


Remotes, toys, books, yes we feel your pain when it comes to lounge clutter. For convenience and style, this exquisite footstool basket styling by @homewithlaurajayne is possibly the most stunning solution for lounge clutter we’ve seen.

She has chosen our Grey & Buff Rattan Footstool Basket, which has transformed her lounge. The rustic texture against the grey tones, complete the elegance of her beautiful living room and by adding a few accessories such as a plant, candles and her interior books, you wouldn’t even noticed the clutter inside it!

Now, let’s discuss blankets. Sometimes they look great as a throw on the sofa but what Becks Doyle of @thehousebuild has chosen, has blown us away. She has wrapped up all of her plush blankets and styled them inside our Whitewash Rattan Floor Basket, which looks utterly fabulous.

Bonus tip from us: if you don’t have a footstool, why not put all necessary lounge clutter in the bottom of this basket and carefully place your beautifully folded blankets on top? You wouldn’t even know what was beneath them!


(Wardrobe clutter)

With very little time on our hands, it’s very easy to put all necessary bedroom clutter on top of the biggest clutter collector in the room – the wardrobe. Storage baskets on top of the wardrobe are a perfect solution for handbags, special occasion shoes and accessories like scarves etc, which can be folded away nicely instead of stuffed on hangers and crammed into the bottom of your wardrobe. Here’s a fabulous idea that was sent in by a customer, Amy. She has chosen medium Square Grey Wash Wicker Deep Storage Baskets as a stylish storage solution on top of her lovely wardrobe, to match her decor.

What’s the biggest clutter collector in your room? Choose from our wide range of wicker storage baskets and refine your clutter with elegance, using timeless interior pieces.

If you’d like some more inspiration first, check out our Instagram page @thebasketcompany to see more of our stunning baskets in real life homes.

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