New Year, we’re ready for you

We are ready for 2023 and nothing but positivity and motivation runs through the walls of The Basket Company HQ. We are settling in to the excitement of what the new year ahead will bring us and we want to give you lots of ideas on how to prepare for a great year ahead, especially if you spend more time indoors.

To kickstart the year in the right direction, we are here to help de-clutter your home, add in style and apply some fresh new lifestyle choices.

New Year cleaning inspiration

January is by far the best time to de-clutter. There’s nothing quite as soul-cleansing as getting all the Christmas decorations down, having a good clean and admiring all the space in your home that you forgot existed, amongst beautiful festive displays. Take this opportunity to rid your homes of old clothes, shoes, children’s toys and documents that are taking up space in the home. Start by discarding the things in your home that you’ve been meaning to get rid of for a while, perhaps things that you want to say goodbye to from 2022? Once you have had a good clear out and a clean, add in some wicker storage baskets in your home to keep things nicely organised and easy to find later.

Style the corners of your home

That’s better. Now that your home is clean and de-cluttered the next thing to do is to add some style. As we endeavour to continue to spend more time at home, your house should be your sanctuary and a place to feel proud to be in. Our homes protect us from the great outdoors and allows us to hibernate during short dark, drizzly days until the warm promise of spring time comes again. Add texture and warmth to the empty corners of your home that need a spruce up, and a perfect tip from us for maximum cosiness is to always have soft cushions and plush blankets to hand in stylish Grey & Buff Rattan Log Baskets.

If you’re looking to enhance your cosy haven and keep your décor looking fresh until spring, check out our blog on “How To Lift Your January Blues” for some wonderful ideas to add winter charm to your home, without the festive touches.

Refresh and style your home for the New Year

Perhaps you want to give your home a little makeover this year? Spending a lot of time indoors can make us rethink our interior ideas so to freshen up your home for the year ahead, why not add an on-trend bright, fresh, bold colour palette to the walls to enhance maximum light and complete the rooms with some striking interior pieces, to give your home the upgrade it deserves. A big statement piece like our extra-large Grey & Buff Rattan Footstool Basket is the perfect accessory to enhance modern, country chic décor. It’s the perfect centrepiece for your lounge and a clever storage solution to keep candles, magazines and even remote controls stylishly stored out of the way.

Undeck the the fireplace

We will still be enjoying gorgeous, cosy nights by the fire for now until spring graces us with its presence. With more weeks of cosy rainy days indoors and longer evenings spent inside, we want to remind you to light the fire and to embrace that nostalgic, comforting feeling of a warm, soft crackle from your log fire. Most importantly, keep it organised and stylish. Grab a few logs from a sturdy, wicker log basket from our collection and your thick cosy blanket, light some scented candles and snuggle up with the new book you got at Christmas to relax with (can you tell that we secretly love winter evenings?).

Fireplace To Fuel The Soul
Grey and Buff Rattan Wicker Log Basket Collection

Home office re-decoration ideas

We suggest that you make working from home as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible, so it’s time to spruce up that office space. Set up a designated area in your home that is comfortable to work in, preferably next to a window with access to fresh air. For organisation, sort all of your papers into an order that suits your daily routine and file them away into stylish storage trays so they are easy to find later on. Finally ensure that you have a proper desk chair and a footstool for maximum comfort. If you have a room dedicated to be an office, use this to your advantage and let your imaginative décor creativity run wild. Charlotte Valentine of @thehomethatmademe has created the most stunning office space at home, filled with a combination of bold and neutral colour, impeccable style and organisation. She has used our Grey & Buff Rattan Rectangular Storage Tray to keep paperwork in and she has also cleverly used our Rectangular Wicker Floor Baskets to cover up the unsightly fuse box in the office.

De-clutter the hallway with storage

And finally, to keep your hallways free of soggy wet brollies, choose from our selection of umbrella baskets. For any home of true organisation umbrella baskets are not to be missed. Our strong and robust baskets are sturdy and light, complete with a timeless roll top feature and handles for easy manoeuvring.

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