Our Favourite Pancake Toppings

We love pancake day, who doesn’t? The opportunity to sink our teeth into sweet and soft mouth-watering pancakes, smothered in syrup & sugar… yum!

When and what is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day (also known as Shrove Tuesday) is on the 16th February 2021. It is a tradition celebrated before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Amongst the religious communities, Ash Wednesday is the first day of the 6 weeks of penitence before Easter. During these 6 weeks holy prayer and fasting will commence until the Easter celebration begins. Shrove Tuesday is the last opportunity to feast before lent begins and typically here in the UK, we feast on pancakes!

It’s a very popular tradition and as Pancake Day approaches, we have been thinking about our favourite pancake toppings here at The Basket Company. Some are sweet, some savoury and some vegan! Perhaps they’re your favourites too, let’s find out:

In the office:

Ian: “Without a doubt, my favourite pancake topping is banana drizzled with maple syrup!”

Catherine: “I really enjoy a savoury pancake. Especially chicken, cheddar, spinach & avocado topping!” (We quite like the sound of that and feel very intrigued)

Chloe: “My favourite has to be Dulce de leche with banana & nuts for a crunch”

Anya: “I love a super sweet topping like Nutella or peanut butter, with banana and white chocolate flakes”

Sophie: “I go for a vegan pancake topping. My favourite is the lotus original Biscoff spread with vegan coconut ice cream”

Wendy: “I absolutely adore a savoury pancake too! Especially if it’s topped with Philadelphia cream cheese and chorizo”

Susie: “My favourite would have to be Nutella with strawberries and chocolate chips sprinkled on top!”

In the warehouse:

Lisa: “I just love the traditional fresh lemon juice and sifted icing sugar on my pancake. This is what I had as a child and it will always be my favourite!”

Jane: “Cinnamon & apple has to be my favourite for a pancake topping. I just love that warming sweet & spice”

Elaine: “I love strawberries with my pancake and a dollop of cream or ice cream. Just gorgeous”

Korben: “I like rashers of bacon and maple syrup on my pancake as a topping, the American way!”

Harrison: “I love mixing up the traditional lemon and sugar recipe by adding maple syrup and ice cream to my pancakes”

Seren: “I think the best way to enjoy a pancake, is to spread it with Nutella, fold the pancake and enjoy a dollop of ice cream on top”  

What’s your favourite pancake topping? Why not follow us on social media. We’d love to hear how you’ll be celebrating Pancake Day! You can find us @thebasketcompany.

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