Our favourite plants and flowers to boost the mood

We don’t know about you but nothing feels better than getting our hands in the soil, inhaling the fresh earthy scents and listening to the familiar sound of tuneful birdsong in the background.

Gardening is featured heavily in our journal because of its many health benefits to the earth and to ourselves. Potting a little world of your own filled with fragrance from perfumed flowers and aromatic herbs is the perfect endorphin as it brings so much hope and excitement as your creations come to life.

It’s important to include natural “mood lifters” in your garden or on your balcony so when life occasionally begins to become a little heavy you can look around at the creations you have made in your garden, at your little paradise of an array of colour and it will naturally liven the soul and calm the mind.

If you do not have a garden or balcony, keep reading as we also have some great suggestions to liven up your apartment, which will brighten the space and simultaneously lift the mood.

Plants and flowers to reduce stress and anxiety

It’s so important to create a sanctuary at home. You want a home and garden that you can create to enhance a sense of serenity. Perhaps you’re looking to fill your home and garden with vibrant colours? Why not create a colour formation in your garden of your favourite bright colours to recreate your very own flower show. Yellow is the colour that represents happiness, it’s vibrant, uplifting and when added to your garden, nothing creates a more cheerful vibe. Other suggestions would be sunflowers, pansy’s, or yellow gerberas to perk the place up.

Lavender to ease stress

Lavender Spring Garden

If you’ve followed us on social media for a while, you’ll have seen us talk a little bit about lavender before. The soft, delicate scent of fresh lavender is a perfect addition to the garden. It’s fragrance and colour have a long history of natural remedies, including aiding a peaceful sleep, reducing anxiety and it also makes a lovely aromatic cup of tea! Why not pluck a few sprigs and add them to the bedroom?

Chamomile to promote sleep

This daisy like flower may be dainty and small but it is a very powerful herb, which has been consumed for centuries as a natural remedy for various health benefits such as hay fever, settling the stomach, reducing stress and curing skin blemishes. Of course, it’s most popularly known for it’s benefits as a calming beverage to promote sleep. If you have lots of different herbs growing in your garden you could try making your own bespoke chamomile tea. Fill up a tea pot and infuse as many herbs as you like for a few minutes and then use a tea strainer to pour the tea. Why not try adding mint for a hint of refreshment or rosemary to get in as many benefits from your herbs as possible. 

Aloe Vera for style and soothing effects

Aloe Vera is a relation to the succulent plant. It’s natural cooling effects are said to soothe sunburn and hydrate the skin. You can either enjoy this as a beverage or why not make a soothing face mask? Simply cut open the Aloe Vera and apply the gel to your face, then relax as this cooling and refreshing face mask deeply hydrates the skin. Perfect if your skin is a little dry after being in the sunshine!  

And for those that don’t have a garden, Aloe Vera also makes the perfect, low maintenance indoor plant, which requires little care, whilst adding vibrancy to your home.

Potty about pots?

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