Spring-Cleaning: For the home, life and mind

There’s nothing better than that long-awaited moment of cracking open the windows for the very first time after a long, dark winter allowing light and fresh air to stream into our homes. Daffodils are slowly starting to make an appearance, our mornings are beginning to get brighter and after longing of scents of freshly cut grass and the distant sound of birdsong, we are finally ready to welcome spring. Not to mention that spring time is a great opportunity to de-clutter menial tasks in our life (and our minds too).

We are here to help you adopt fresh optimism this spring. It’s time to rid your home of clutter and embrace a positive mindset and we’d like to share some spring-cleaning tips for the home, life and mind that will keep your home organised, keep you motivated and enhance your mood for the upcoming season.

Home de-cluttering hacks

As they say “tidy home, tidy mind” and there’s nothing like a good spring clean in our homes. There are some fantastic hacks you can use to give your home a good, natural sparkle in sunlight. After getting rid of all that dust, try using half a lemon to clean stainless steel – seriously it works! Simply slice a lemon in half and use it to scrub all over your stainless steel for a natural shine. Not to mention it leaves a fresh citrusy smell afterwards. Why not also try peeling a lemon and sticking the rind around the sink? Pour some hot water over the rind so the natural lemony smell fills the sink with fresh scents of citrus.

Of course, you’ll need to de-clutter and that’s where we can give you a hand! Our wide range of wicker storage baskets are a durable, sustainable and an elegant way of keeping your home organised. Whether that’s for shoes, paper work, clothes, children’s toys, kitchen utensils – you name it! In true Marie Kondo style, why not also take this opportunity to swap over all your winter clothes and swap them for spring and summer clothes? We’d suggest to keep a few jumpers out as the afternoons and evenings are still chilly at the moment!

To complete your home, fill your home with pops of colour with some fresh tulips or other flowers of your choice. Flowers gently lift your décor with natural colour and fragrance so an easy way to change up your décor without doing an entire makeover, would be to simply add in some flowers, foliage or botanical leaf print to make a big impact. Did you know that being in naturally green surroundings enhances the mood? To enhance your home with vibrancy & natural oxygen, for a consistent feeling of serenity, why not fill up one of our Chelsea Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Planters with bright daffodils, or your favourite spring bulbs?

De-clutter your digital storage

A “life” spring clean is possibly the most therapeutic spring clean of them all! There’s nothing more satisfying then having an empty email inbox is there? Pour yourself a hot drink, settle down with your laptop and some relaxing music in the background and make time to sort through all your emails. Start by organising them into folders and deleting all your spam emails, then do the same with your photographs! Download a storage app and sort all your photos into albums and dates, then add them to a memory stick! You can label and date them, then store them away for when you want to dig them out again later on. Plus, this will also save you the worry of ever losing any of the memories that are on your phone. Lastly, it’s time to sort out paperwork. Shred old documents that are no longer needed and store the important documents away, in a place where you can easily find them later. We suggest using our Rectangular Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Storage Baskets, as a suitable storage solution for important documents. Storage that doesn’t compromise on style is our favourite kind!

Adopt healthy spring habits

As we’re supposed to eat in tune with the seasons, it’s a good time to change up your diet and add in some seasonal fruits and vegetables to fill up our bodies with the right nutrients for the right season. During the winter time we fill our bodies with lots of hearty stews and carbohydrates to keep ourselves warm. For spring time, we suggest filling your plates with delicious, fresh vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, beetroot, carrots & spring onions.

Why not also change up your exercise routine? Start taking some regular walks in your day to day routine. Or as the evening’s slowly start to lighten up and the days begin to lengthen, perhaps take a fresh evening walk. Remember it will still be chilly but it will be fresh so be sure to wrap up warm.

We are lucky to live where we are in the New Forest National Park, where wildlife can be spotted freely roaming amongst dramatic velvety heath land. You can even see the vibrant, yellow gorse appearing already at Picket Post in Burley!

Activities to de-clutter your mind

Finally, spring clean your mind.

Take some time out to cultivate some quiet time in your days. Solitude is one of life’s best pleasures, simply take 15 mins out of your day to sit in silence to help clear the mind. Then finish off your day with some meditation. The evening time is the best time to meditate, you can let go of all the events of the day, relax and start the next day with a completely fresh mindset. 

And when it comes to bed time, the best way to de-clutter your mind before bed is by practising gratitude. Note down 5 things that you are thankful for and keep it beside your bed or why not try listening to a positive podcast to fuel happiness, success and peace into your life.

Are you ready to start spring-cleaning? View our wide range of wicker storage baskets here to help keep your home organised.

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