Storage for your “joy-sparking” items

If you are inspired by Marie Kondo and our recent blog “The 6 basic rules for tidying up – The KonMari Way” you are in the right place for to help you with the last rule of tidying, which is finding storage for your “joy-sparking” items.  Once you have sorted everything category by category and you have decided which items “spark joy” the next step is to keep everything you want to keep neat and tidy so you know where to find everything next time (and that’s where we can help)

Clothes and shoes

Get all the clothes out from the wardrobes, shelves and cupboards in your house and put every single item of clothing on the bed, then begin the process. Does it spark joy?  If it doesn’t then say goodbye it to it and thank it for the times it made you happy. If it does spark joy but perhaps it might not be the right time of year to wear that woolly jumper or that lovely summery dress, store them away into one of these Keswick White Wicker Storage Trunks until the season comes again. 

Kitchen cupboards

Take out everything of every drawer and cupboard in your kitchen and begin the process. Once you’ve sorted through, use some storage trays to keep everything in order. Lydia Millen has used our Grey & Buff deep wicker rattan baskets as an effective solution to find everything that’s in her cupboard.

Kitchen Cupboard Pantry Ideas


Get your children involved and find out which toys “spark joy”. Remove all the toys that do not spark joy and keep the ones that do and store them away in a storage trunk (this also goes for any shoes, handbags, blankets etc)

Storage Trunks

Stationary, letters and photographs

Finally sorting through old papers, letters and Komono (Japanese for loose odds and ends) probably feels like one of the most difficult tasks of all as you’re so close to the end. Hang in there, you’re almost done! When it comes to sentimental items, use the same process. We’re not ever suggesting to throw out any “joy-sparking” letters, postcards or photographs. Instead store them away into stylish Grey rope lidded hamper baskets.

Stationary Storage Baskets
Stationary Storage Ideas

Check out this beautifully written review by DB Reviews and what she used our Grey Paper Rope Lidded Storage Baskets for.

Before you know it, your home will be more organised than it’s ever been and we don’t know about you, but we love that the feeling of satisfaction after the home has been de-cluttered. You can breathe a huge sigh of relief upon your daily return home, to a tidy, serene and organised home (especially when you know you’ve been meaning to do this for a while)

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