The Secret Of Hygge

Denmark is typically known as the happiest country in the world and it is said that part of the main reason for that is “hygge”

What is Hygge and how do you say it?

Hygge [Hoo-guh] is a word that cannot be directly translated however the closest thing to Hygge is “cosy contentment”

The secret is, is that we experience moments of “hygge” on a day to day basis but we just don’t realise it because we don’t have a name for it.

Still unsure?

Dimming the lights and enjoying a candle-lit dinner is hygge. Pouring a fresh cup of coffee and curling up in an armchair with a soft blanket and a good book is hygge. Wrapping up warm for misty morning walks and watching the cat snooze in front of a crackling log fire is hygge. 

These special moments of contentment are embraced all year round, however the Danes have long, dark and very cold winter months so Hygge comes naturally to them during this time of year.

This year the concept of hygge is more important to us than ever, as travelling will not be a priority to us and our time spent indoors will be prioritised. Here at The Basket Company we have cracked the secret behind Hygge and these are our tips on how to create contentment in your own home.

To start, just like the Danes… grab a bite to eat.

The Danes find great joy and pleasure in comfort food, either alone or on a large table. To truly embrace the Danish culture create a traditional Danish lunch and embrace hygge first hand. The most popular lunch to have in Denmark is Smørrebrød, which is an open sandwich on buttered ryebread, with a selection of toppings. A very popular choice for Smørrebrød would consist of homemade meat or fish meatballs. Once they’re prepared, slice them and place them on top of your slice of buttered ryebread. Next choose from two of their favourite toppings, which are either a cucumber salad or red cabbage and gherkins. Complete your open sandwich with a pickled remoulade sauce and a side of potato salad and there you have it. You can either serve the meatballs hot or cold, as the Danes often like to use the leftover meatballs to create their sandwiches.

Light some tall thin candles in the centre of your table and dim the lights and your meal can’t get much more hygge than that.

Rustic Home Accessories

As we will be spending lots more time indoors, you want to make sure that your home is organised and that you’re not living under a tower of clutter. As the Danes love a touch of warmth and texture in their homes, we couldn’t think of a more perfect solution for clutter that would fit the bill.

Keep your favourite coffee table reads nearby and store them in one of our rustic magazine baskets, so you can grab them quickly and snuggle underneath a soft blanket to wind down with. The Danes love being cosy so having your blanket, your book and a nice easy read close by in your sacred space is the perfect way to have everything you need to hand. Not to mention it means you can put everything back neatly as well. To complete the look, light the fire and enjoy nothing but the natural, warming glow of your fireplace to help you feel especially calm. Don’t forget your log basket and adorn your fireplace with elegance.

Light some candles

Candle light is the epitome of hygge in a typical Danish household. In the depths of a cold winter, the soft glow provides a cosy candle-lit haven with a kinder light rather than harsh, artificial lights.

Light as many candles as you like and choose scented candles which infuse a comforting aroma such as cinnamon or nutmeg.

Fresh Flowers & Plants

Bringing the outdoors in and fill your home with colour and fragrance. Choose from our rustic window box planters, which are perfect for filling up your home with fresh garden blooms and herbs or fill one of our bohemian baskets with a natural botanical plant to fuel your home with vibrancy and oxygen. Go for autumnal pops of red, auburn and mahogany tones for November or as we enter into the frosty season, choose from Nordic colours such as muted whites and greens, complete with pine cones as a decoration.

And finally

Wrapping up warm for chilly autumnal walks. We are located just on the edge of the New Forest National park, where we are blessed with evening scenes of autumnal sunsets and cascades of golden sunbeams upon acres of mossy heathland. Slip on your wellies, snuggle in to your big coat and thick scarf and enjoy contentment in the great outdoors. Then return home once again to your candle-lit, roaring log fire sanctuary for some delicious food and a good book under a soft blanket with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

It’s easy to appreciate contentment and with our help, you can do just that. Check out our website for more of our stylish storage solutions or keep up to date with us on Instagram @thebasketcompany.

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