Time To Breathe: September Home Organisation

Phew the summer holidays are over. As you look back fondly on the wonderful memories you’ve made with the family, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you get back on track with your routine and also prepare for some exciting September organisation. It’s also time to prepare for a change of season as the Autumn Equinox is on its way. As we transition into Autumn, nothing says hygge quite like big knitted throws, jumpers and big mugs of indulgent hot chocolate in front of a crackling log fire.

Grey & Buff Rattan Square Log Basket

Most importantly. In between all your tasks, give yourself at least 30 minutes each day to focus on you. What would you do with your spare 30 minutes? Would you read your favourite book? Finish that painting you’ve been working on? Or would you just sit in silence with an interior magazine and a fresh cup of coffee? Solitude is a powerful aid from silence and gives your mind a rest of constant distraction, so it’s very important to give yourself some peace to be able to restore your focus.

So, without further ado, let’s give you a helping hand with some September organisation hacks combined with some mindful tips to keep you relaxed along the way. 

Let’s start with chores

What needs to be done first? Start by planning out everything in the order that it needs to be completed. Write everything down in a list so you’re not missing out anything. Once you have everything written down that you want to achieve, put it in order so that you can carry out each task accordingly. Organise your most important tasks of the day and add them to the top of your list followed by those tasks you least enjoy doing. This way you’ll be eager to finish these tasks so you can get on to doing the tasks that you enjoy the most!

Time To Breathe Chores

Next, keeping your house organised

Now that your home is yours again, let’s keep it in order. Start by packing away all the summer clothes, beach towels and swimwear. You could store them away in one of our elegant Grey Wash Under Bed Wicker Storage Baskets, making storage easy, without compromising on style!

Grey Wash Under Bed Wicker Storage Basket

Check out our new trunks this Autumn like our Heritage double steamed wicker storage trunk, the perfect accessory for shoes by the door.  

Time to breathe for 30 minutes

Time To Breathe for 30 mins

Stick the kettle on and treat yourself to a 30-minute break every day. This sacred 30 minutes is your time to do what you’d like to do. Within that 30 minutes you could either take a walk, treat yourself to a 30-minute sit down or visit your favourite shop and have a mooch around. You may or may not be aware that deep breathing each day has more health benefits then you think. Breathing reduces the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone), lowers your blood pressure and also improves keeping a positive mindset. So, it’s very important to take those 30 minutes out each day!

Don’t forget to make your life easier

It’s the little things that make your life easier. Keep easy solutions in your home for your family. A good example would be one of these umbrella baskets for the rainy days. These elegant and rustic baskets are such a perfect addition to the hallway, allowing for a quick “grab and go” rather than stuffing them in cupboards.

Grey & Buff Rattan Umbrella Basket

Are you ready to get organised? Browse our wide range of wicker storage baskets here. Or why not take a look at some of our tips on how to prepare for the Autumn Equinox here.

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