What To Pack For The Perfect Picnic

It’s June and the month of our favourite national week – National Picnic Week. Dining al fresco on a soft blanket, savouring yummy treats and enjoying the light music of a song bird nearby, is simply the best way to spend summer. Of course, you’ll need to plan it to ensure you get the most out of this lovely summer activity and sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to pack (That’s where we can help you)

When it comes to packing your picnic, you will need to decide what delicious goodies to bring. Whether your picnic is for a family day out, a posh picnic to impress your friends or a romantic picnic for two, we bring you the ultimate guide of how and what to pack for the perfect picnic.

A simple picnic for a family day

Perhaps you’re thinking about organising a picnic for a memorable family day together this summer? Children love picnics, an opportunity to breathe fresh air and play adventure games in the garden. They may not want to sit down for long, so we suggest to pack lots of light foods so it’s easy and fun to eat! We suggest their favourite sandwiches, fruit, sliced carrots and cucumbers with hummus, croissants, sausage rolls and crisps. Instead of yogurts, pack a pre-made smoothie for the children instead. So, you won’t have to worry about losing spoons!

What to pack for the perfect family picnic

What picnic basket will I need for a family day?

Oval Lidded Wicker Picnic Basket

This classic picnic basket is the perfect family basket and a great solution for carrying all of your picnic delights. It is made from buff willow, with a nice sturdy handle, making it easy for you to carry everything.

The ultimate posh picnic

Now, here is a fine picnic to impress your family and certainly one that they won’t forget in a hurry. (Be warned though, they may ask you to do this one again)

For the ultimate luxurious picnic, prepare the following spread: A selection of succulent smoked meats, homemade quiche and cold lobster with salad. For pudding, we suggest a selection of cheeses or, for the sweet tooth of the group, some freshly baked scones accompanied with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

What picnic basket will I need for a posh picnic?

Luxury Tweed 4 Person Picnic Wicker Hamper Basket

This quintessential traditional picnic hamper is a must for those who love to picnic in style. This luxurious basket is lined in rich green tweed and it is packed neatly in sections, along with plates, salt and pepper shakers and wine glasses. 

A romantic picnic for two

If you want to make an impression for a loved one, plan a romantic picnic. Set the time just right, in a perfect location accompanied with their favourite bottle of something lovely. Then once you’ve finished enjoying your picnic you can enjoy quiet moments of tranquillity together, with the silhouette of the sun melting behind the trees. Or why not set this up in the privacy and convenience of your own garden? Make the ambience extra special by adding some tea lights for a truly romantic cosy experience.

What to pack for a romantic picnic

For the tasty delights, we would suggest a soft pita bread, dipped in homemade hummus to start. Then prepare some delicious chicken or beef wraps or baguettes with a side of char-grilled artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella balls. Complete your picnic with a light and zingy lemon drizzle cake. (If you want to wow your other half, you could make this yourself) and don’t forget to bring some strawberries to add to your champagne glass.

What picnic basket will I need for a romantic picnic?

2 Person Tartan Picnic Wicker Hamper Basket

This basket is beautifully handmade from lightly steamed willow and has everything you need, conveniently packed away and secured with tanned leather fastenings. For your comfort, a matching orange tartan blanket is provided in this superb set, this can be removed and strapped to the side of the basket. 

Finally, remember to bring a separate bag to clean up all the litter at the end.

So, what will it be?  View our wide range of picnic baskets here and choose the best one which suits your occasion and style. Don’t forget to present a napkin holder to stop all the napkins flying away, a covered food dome to protect the food from pesky visitors and a wine carrier filled with your choice of beverages, to compliment your picnics.

We’d love to see what you create for your picnics, tag us at @TheBasketCompany on Instagram and show us your style for your perfect picnic.

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