What To Pack For The Perfect Picnic

It’s June and the month of our favourite national week – National Picnic Week. Dining al fresco on a soft blanket, savouring yummy treats and enjoying warm sunshine, is simply the best way to spend summer. Of course, you’ll need to plan it to ensure you get the most out of this lovely quintessential activity and sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to pack (that’s where we can help you).


The most important part of a picnic is to create an easy, yet delectable picnic spread. We love the idea of going all out on a picnic but also making sure that the food we pack is easy to prepare beforehand and easy to eat outdoors. Whether it’s for a family, a romantic picnic for two or even a special occasion we have a selection of salivating spreads that are going to make your picnic enjoyable and memorable.

1. A Simple Picnic For A Family Day Out

Children love picnics, it’s an opportunity to breathe fresh air and play adventure games in a wide, free space outdoors and in the garden. They may not want to sit down for long, so we suggest to pack lots of light foods that are easy and fun to eat! We suggest their favourite choice of sandwiches cut into fingers, watermelon, vegetable crisps, scotch eggs, mini quiches and tomatoes. For drinks, simply pack some orange juice or why not some elderflower cordial for the ultimate summer soft drink?

What picnic basket will I need for a family day out?

4 Person Grey Check Picnic Basket

This adorable, yet useful basket comes complete with 4 plates, a 4 piece cutlery set, a bottle opener, 4 acrylic glasses and a cool bag for freshness. Styled with an elegant grey finish, this gorgeous basket is complete with a coastal grey checked style pattern, a perfect accessory for this lovely outing.

Note: This basket does not come with a blanket, so make sure you remember to bring one for your picnic.

2. A Romantic Picnic

If you want to make an impression for a loved one, plan a romantic picnic. Set the time just right, in a perfect location accompanied with their favourite bottle of something lovely. Then once you’ve finished enjoying your picnic you can enjoy quiet moments of tranquillity together, with the silhouette of the sun melting behind the trees. If you’re planning a romantic date night in the garden, make the ambience extra special by adding some candles, fairy lights and wicker lanterns for a truly romantic and cosy experience. These ideas are the perfect date night for anniversaries, birthdays, a “just because” date or even for those who want a simple, yet romantic proposal.

For your food spread, we suggest preparing 3 types of salads including sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella balls, a light quinoa salad with couscous and chopped apple and a mini pasta dish with aromatic pesto. Combine these salads with smoked salmon, olives and feta and a bottle of full-bodied red wine for a delectable picnic. For afters, the classic chocolate dipped strawberries are a delicious light treat to end your picnic with. If you’re bringing a bottle of champagne to mark the occasion, don’t forget to save a couple of strawberries to add to your champagne glass.

What picnic basket will I need for a romantic picnic?

Luxury Tweed 2 Person Picnic Wicker Hamper Basket

Our luxury 2 Person Tweed Picnic Basket is completely perfect for a romantic picnic for two. Complete with a set of two plates, two sets of cutlery, a cool bag and a bottle opener.

Note: this basket does not come complete with glasses or a blanket, so remember to bring your own for your picnic.

3. For The Ladies Of Leisure

Imagine the idyllic way to catch up with your best friend, where you can reminisce about old times and toast to a glorious afternoon in the sunshine. This type of picnic is definitely for the sweet tooth. We’re talking about a selection of sweets, cakes and fruit with a bottle of crisp rose to wash the treats down with. Our favourite treats for a “girls’ day out” include blueberry muffins, vanilla Viennese swirls, miniature cupcakes, chocolate macaroons with strawberries and blueberries to enjoy.

What picnic basket will I need?

2 Person Grey Check Picnic Wicker Hamper Basket

Our Grey Check 2 person Picnic Hamper is the perfect basket for socialites. Featuring a set of 2 plates, cutlery, a bottle opener, 2 glasses and a cool bag to keep all your sweet treats fresh. 

Note: this basket does not come complete with a blanket, so remember to bring your own for your picnic.

4. A Deluxe Picnic

Now, here is a picnic to impress your friends and family (which is probably our favourite picnic of them all). Be warned, they may ask you to do this one again as it is certainly not one that they will forget in a hurry.

Introducing the ultimate picnic. A luxurious spread featuring a sumptuous selection of succulent cold meats, sandwiches filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese with tomatoes and grapes. Followed by a selection of cheeses including Wensleydale with cranberries, Wensleydale with apricot and camembert with a crusty baguette and crackers. For pudding, we suggest some freshly baked scones accompanied with some indulgent clotted cream and strawberry jam. To top this picnic off, ensure to bring a bottle of fruity white wine to enjoy with this gorgeous spread.

What Picnic Basket Will I Need?

Luxury Tweed 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket

For this luxurious picnic you will need our ultimate picnic basket, our Luxury Tweed 4 Person Picnic Wicker Hamper Basket. For those who like to dine in style, this luxurious hamper is a must. It is lined in quintessential green tweed with a matching picnic blanket and napkins. Inside this hamper you will find a set of 4 knives, forks and spoons, 4 plates, 4 wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, a bottle opener and a cool bag.

So, what will it be?  View our wide range of picnic baskets here and choose the best one which suits your occasion and style. Don’t forget to present a napkin holder to stop all the napkins flying away, a covered food dome to protect the food from pesky visitors and a wine carrier filled with your choice of beverages, to compliment your picnics.

We’d love to see what you create for your picnics, tag us at @TheBasketCompany on Instagram and show us your style for your perfect picnic.

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