What’s growing in Catherine’s English Garden: Pink Sedum

We are counting down the days here at The Basket Company until the Spring Equinox arrives and our director, Catherine, has taken full advantage of the fresh air and the sunshine by planting in her beautiful English garden.

Gardening is a favourite pastime in Catherine’s family and her Auntie Rosemary, who also has a beautiful garden, gave her this lovely Pink Sedum as it’ll fit in with the colour scheme of pinks, blues, violets and whites. Plus, it also feeds the pollinators!

What's growing in Catherine's garden | Pink Sedum

In our latest YouTube video, “Catherine’s English Garden – Pink Sedums Feb 19” you can see the full demonstration of how Catherine planted it.

What's growing in Catherine's Garden | Pink Sedum Planting

She starts begins by watering the plant and then digs a hole in the bed approximately 6 inches deeper than her pot. She adds compost for some nutrients before gently removing the Pink Sedum from the pot and planting it in the ground.

What's growing in Catherine's English Garden | Watering can

 “I have planted in a full sun position as this is how they flourish best”

Then to finish, she simply filled up the hole with the rest of the soil and finished by watered the bed.

What's growing in Catherine's English Garden | Pink Sedum planted

The Pink Sedum should grow to approximately a foot high and spread horizontally, providing ground cover.

Watch the full video of the planting demonstration below

We just cannot wait to see the progress of this as the weeks go by and we would love to know what your favourite plants for the pollinators are? Tag #CatherinesEnglishGarden on Instagram so we can see what you’ve been up to in your gardens.  

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