What’s Growing In Catherine’s English Garden

2018 proved to be a hit for Catherine’s Garden. In the midst of the scorching summer heatwave, it was bursting with colour and perfumed the garden with the soft scents of dahlias, roses, petunias, asters, primroses, geraniums (to name a few)

This year, Catherine will be introducing some old and new favourites in her garden. Catherine’s Garden faces north east and one side is in shade all year round, so she fills her garden with shade loving plants (and of course plants to feed the pollinators as well)

We couldn’t wait to show you what is currently growing in Catherine’s garden, the progress so far is just amazing!

#1 Crocuses

These crocus bulbs were planted back in November and look how much they have grown! Not long until they will be in full bloom.

#2 Lupin

One our favourites and an excellent pollinator for the bees, the beautiful tall lupin!

#3 Rhubarb



Catherine’s choice of flowers and plants are inspired by her father’s garden. When Catherine was a child she was in awe of his beautiful garden and to keep the memory of his garden alive, she grows the same plants and flowers as he did (You can read the full story here) One of the other favourites in her father’s garden was rhubarb.

Once the rhubarb is grown, she will use it to make her delicious crumble!

#4 Daffodils

Bright and beautiful daffodils, just in time for the arrival of Spring!

#5 Tulips

These brightly coloured, spring perennials are planted in ceramic pot planters and are growing wonderfully!

#6 Roses

Roses starting to burst into life with multiple buds and leaves starting to appear. (Photo taken in January)

#7 Snowdrops & Grape Hyacinths

And finally, her Snowdrops and Grape Hyacinths. Catherine decided to plant these in January and you can watch the video of how she did this below. Don’t they look lovely?

What’s currently growing in your garden or allotment? Have you got some exciting plans in place for this year? We’d love to see them! Tag #CatherinesEnglishGarden on Instagram so we can see what you’ve been up to.

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