Savour The Moment & Live Simply

Often we can find ourselves lost in the noise of social media and technology which means we rarely get the opportunity to stop, think and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  

This month we will be celebrating “National Simplicity Day” on the 12th of July. National Simplicity Day surrounds the theories and ideology of Henry David Thoreau, an American poet and philosopher. His beliefs have influenced many notable figures, particularly the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Leo Tolstoy for his thought-provoking work on living simply and his lectures against the fugitive slave law.

A little bit about Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau was born on the 12th July 1817 and he is best known for his book “Walden” which is a profound reflection on simple living. The book is based around his experience of living alone in a self-built cosy cabin, deep in the woods for 2 years by Walden pond in Massachusetts. Thoreau viewed technology as an unnecessary distraction and spent these two years getting by on very basic and simple needs. He enjoyed being in complete control of his life and being so fantastically self-sufficient. His philosophical venture and advocacy for simple living, which one might call a “Thoreauvian lifestyle” is celebrated on his birthday every year and is something we can all practise to remind ourselves of the beauty of simplicity in day to day life.

It’s time to put down technology and savour the moment. Take yourself out to a place where there are no distractions and appreciate the nature around you. Or perhaps relish in the simplicity of a nutritious meal or thrive in de-cluttering unnecessary items in your household.

Here are some of our favourite tips to help you find the simplicity in day to day life. They are Thoreau’ly good!

We’ve all forgotten the beauty of getting out for a good cycle. The opportunity to breathe fresh air, get some exercise and relive our childhood! It’s important to remember to set the pace for your own personal goal. Remember this is your activity, so you can go as fast or as steady as you’d like and during your unhurried and relaxed cycle remember to take in your surroundings. To help you keep organised on your leisurely cycle, choose from our wide range of cycle baskets to add to your bike. The perfect accessory for holding your essentials, picnics and even your groceries too!

Picnic outings to remember

Speaking of picnics, why not relish in a picnic which is tailored to you, packed with all of your favourite treats, then take yourself to a quiet spot you nearby where you can enjoy it. Perhaps it’s in your local park or perhaps it’s in the favourite part of your house? Thoreau also remembered the importance of social company every now and again, so why not invite someone along and enjoy the moment with the company you have, savouring the food and the atmosphere. If you need some tips on what to pack, check out our blog “what to pack for the perfect picnic”

De-cluttering your home in style

De-cluttering is one of our favourite ways of ridding the burdens in our household, which affect our mood. Nothing beats the sense of achievement once you have finished this therapeutic task (especially if it’s one you have been putting off for ages). Perhaps you need to de-clutter that pile of shoes that have been slowly collecting in your wardrobe or the endless amounts of toys, which are strewn all over the place?

Instead, why not take some time out for a little soul-cleansing organising. Our elegant storage trunks are the perfect solution for toys, shoes, linen and other household items. If you have boxes of old photographs, why not hang your favourites up on the wall as a constant reminder of some memorable times and store the rest away in one of our stylish storage baskets. This way you can keep the baskets on display and grab your photos whenever you want to look at them.

Take some time to reflect

Finally, in true Thoreauvian style leave behind all of your technology (including your phone) and take some real time to reflect. Find somewhere deep in nature or perhaps by your favourite lake, where you can truly be present in the moment. It’s true what they say, the calmness of a lake or the familiar rustle of the trees naturally quietens the mind and you will notice a lot more beauty around you, when you’re paying full attention to it without your phone to hand!

We are lucky here in the New Forest where an abundance of woodland and greenery is located on our doorstep. We are blessed with acres of velvety green heathland and stony, gravel pathways in between thick, ancient woodland which is the home to many wild animals, including New Forest ponies, deer, cattle and many more. The perfect place to absorb the sights, sounds and fresh earthy aromas of nature!

Why not discover a new location near you that you can explore? You can do this alone if you prefer your own company or why not bring the family along with you? Remember that the idea of this exercise is to truly appreciate the beauty of the location that you’re in, so don’t be tempted to bring any forms of technology with you!

Ready to get started on implementing a little Thoreauvian simplicity in your life? We have everything you need from outdoor baskets for family activities, wicker rattan planters to add style to your garden and a wide range of wicker storage baskets to help you stay organised and relaxed.  

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