Sweet September

As the first sighting of plump blackberries appear along the hedgerows, we are reminded that a beautiful seasonal shift is about to take place. In September we embrace long days that still offer pleasant warmth for outdoor activities, crop is at its best ready to harvest for delicious wholesome meals and the nip in the air, which reminds us that soon we will be digging out our big cosy knits, as mother nature will begin to delight us with mesmerising kaleidoscopic colours, that will leave us in awe of its wonders.

The Autumn Equinox takes place on the 22nd September but until then, here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy this beautiful month.


A hazy Indian summer treats us to late sunshine and warmth which is perfect for enjoying a delicious picnic with your family, a friend or even by yourself.

Pack your favourite treats and head to your favourite outdoor space to enjoy some fresh air and peace and quiet. There’s nothing like enjoying a little al fresco dining on a soft blanket and of course you will need a picnic basket to take with you. Our collection of picnic baskets are the perfect, stylish solution to pack all your delicious treats in, including cutlery and crockery so all you need to worry about is what spread to take.

We suggest packing a selection of cold meats and cheeses, with some grapes and crusty bread rolls to enjoy outdoors. You could even bring a thermos flask of hot tea or coffee to enjoy with a sunset picnic.


Immerse yourself in nature and take yourself out for a gentle cycle. Again, this is something you can do with a family member, or with a friend, or on your own.  If you’re feeling a little adventurous you could take a new route that you’ve never been down before (perhaps a route that has always sparked a little curiosity) and embrace a little spontaneity. To make your leisurely cycle a little easier, don’t forget to add on a charming wicker cycle basket to keep all your essentials in whilst you cycle. Perfect for your phone, keys and some snacks along the way.

Foraging recipes

September is the prime time for picking sweet, juicy blackberries and hunting for damsons and sloes. Take a stroll down to your nearest track filled with hedgerows and collect some blackberries, damsons and sloes in your basket to make into a hedgerow jam, which is a gorgeous seasonal treat or (even better) why not use your freshly picked blackberries to bake into a mouth-watering apple and blackberry crumble. We have the most delicious crumble recipe for you to try here.


Now that the children are back at school and the house is a little less manic, prepare yourself for the seasonal shift with a fresh mindset and a de-cluttered home. The best days to do this on are rainy days, where you can hibernate and take some time for self-care. Start by lighting a candle to scent the home with notes of sandalwood, then start by organising your home.

Pack away clothes that are no longer needed for summer and dig out your favourite autumnal jumpers, coats and boots. Then swap your cushion covers and blankets for autumnal shades of burnt oranges and olive greens. A very simple but easy way to freshen up your home! If you like planning your meals ahead get yourself a meal planner like one of our favourite Instagrammers, Becks Doyle of @thehousebuild and enjoy the freedom of having your meals all planned out for the month ahead.

Gardens and Harvesting

Late September/early October is the prime time for crop, as fruit and vegetables will be at their best. Prepare to stock up on your own ingredients that you can use in your cooking to create some wholesome meals, such as stews and Sunday roasts. To help you harvest your abundant collection, choose from our range of stylish and useful wicker trugs, which are the perfect gardening companion. These trugs are not only great for helping you harvest your crop but they are also brilliant for carrying around tools and deadheading flowers. Experiment with creativity in your home by drying your hydrangeas to preserve them and add them in vases around the home, for a rustic and autumnal feel.

September really is a splended month, with much to enjoy before we slowly transition into the chillier season.

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