How To Make The Most Of Summer

The Perfect Summer Picnic  

Part one – June

June marks the month of the summer solstice and the month of National Picnic Week. The official arrival of summer calls for long balmy days. The beaches are full of hustling and bustling families, with seagulls calling above sounds of the waves crashing, meanwhile the serene countryside is thriving in nature where foals, calves, lambs and baby donkeys roam.

What better way to celebrate the summer solstice and National Picnic Week, than with a divine picnic! Across an untouched field, abundant in wild flowers, search for the perfect spot to have a picnic. Choose an area right by an old oak tree, the perfect location for shielding from beaming sunshine and enjoy the coolness of the shade. Don’t forget about the exquisite lunch that is neatly packed away in your wicker picnic basket! Roll out your blanket, delicately place out a delectable spread of sandwiches, savoury snacks, fruit and cakes, then pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and continue with the chapter of your new favourite book, that you’ve been meaning to read for ages. If you need inspiration on what to pack for the perfect picnic, read our article here for some delectable ideas. They’re delicious!

Living Simply In Summer

Part two – July

Changes in the season also means more time to put down the technology and embrace the simplicity in day-to-day life. On the 12th July we will celebrate National Simplicity Day, a day to remember the philosopher, Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau viewed technology as an unnecessary distraction and spent two years getting by on very basic and simple needs. He enjoyed being in complete control of his life and being so fantastically self-sufficient. You can read more about Thoreau’s life and ideology in our blog here. In true Thoreauvian style, it’s time to re-live your inner child and embrace the simplicity of life. Why not take this opportunity to take a leisurely cycle down to your local farmers market and get some fresh flowers for your home? Choose a handy and elegant wicker bike basket as the perfect storage for storing your flowers, keys, purse and phone, avoiding carrying a backpack and just enjoy a leisurely cycle without the weight of a backpack.

Grey & Buff Rattan Wicker Bike Basket

Living simply also means appreciating the natural beauty around us and that includes the garden. As the summer sun rises above thriving gardens in the UK, insects are buzzing between blooming dahlias and delphiniums, and the delicate scents of lavender fill the garden. Though flowers are in their prime and the garden is in full bloom, it is always good to plan your garden for the rest of the year in advance, to keep it thriving all throughout the rest of the summer. Choose roses, forget-me-nots and foxgloves for a variety of colour and fragrance and add them to rustic wicker planters for rustic texture. For visual impact, choose a different selection of wicker baskets, such as our Grey & Buff Rattan Rope Handled Planters, Grey & Buff Rattan Round Wicker Planters and Mini Grey & Buff Rattan Rope Handled Planters, for the ultimate flower display. The different shapes and heights form a less contoured structure and instead add natural charm.

Come late afternoon, when the sun is still present and there is warmth in air, set the table in your garden, ready for a glorious dinner party. Dining outside transports us to a warmer climate, where sampling food and drink can be enjoyed on a balmy evening with wonderful company. There’s no doubt that al fresco dining is most certainly one of life’s greatest, yet simplest pleasures. You can either set this up for family, a friend or for yourself. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your garden with good food, until your glasses are empty.

Al Fresco Dining Tablescapes | The Basket Company

Start by placing your newly bought fresh flowers as a centrepiece on your table. Or why not set aside a stylish wicker lantern as a beautiful focal point. A top tip from us: for an elegant Tuscan themed dinner, choose Grey & Buff Rattan Planters filled with rosemary for a pop of colour and to naturally scent the air. Complete the table with Grey & Buff Rattan Storage Baskets to keep crusty bread rolls for dipping in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, whilst adding style and texture to the table.

  As dusk creeps over the garden and the sun melts behind the trees, set some tealights on the table, light your wicker lanterns with pillar candles and top up your drinks. Enjoy conversation and laughter around the table in a romantic, serene ambience as the stars appear one by one in the night’s sky.

A Month Of Glorious Harvest

Part three – August

The ripening fruit and vegetables that you’ve been growing are ready to harvest. August is the perfect time to harvest apples, pears, onions, potatoes, shallots, spring onions, carrots, cabbage, garlic, plums and figs. On a hazy early morning, start your day by pouring yourself a fresh cup of coffee, grab your wicker gardening trug and slip into your wellies for a trip down to the bottom of the garden, or to your allotment. Breathe in the fresh summer morning air and enjoy filling your trug, with an array of colour from your vibrant fruits and vegetables from your collection.

Classic Modern Home

In the height of summer, homes are filled with baskets and adorned in beautiful, immaculate interiors. Inside in your home, it’s time to rethink those areas that need a lick of paint or perhaps a complete makeover. By freshening up your home in late summer, this creates a stylish staycation constantly at home and makes you feel as though you are on a permanent vacation.

Inside the beautiful home of Michelle of, you will find classic, modern interiors and a home that is always on trend. With beautiful neutral tones, brass cup handles, rough textures and gorgeous accessories. Classic homes are classic for a reason, they are always on trend. As you can see, Michelle is a huge fan of wicker baskets and has an entire myriad of different basket from our collection, adding rustic charm to her, already stunning home.

Toward the end of August, embrace a welcoming hazy, Indian summer and one last month of beautiful sunshine, long evenings and warm days to come, before the shift into autumn begins.

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