The Importance Of Gardening: For Health & Well-being

Believe it or not, gardening is extremely beneficial, not only for the earth and nature but also for you too. When you plant seeds and flowers into the ground you are providing a feeding ground for pollinators, who flit from garden to garden to seek out rich nectar and pollen. This keeps our all-important pollinators doing their job of keeping the environment stable. We are also fascinated by the fact that gardening is good for you and your health.

Gardening For Health & Well-Being

The RHS believes that being in the garden improves not only mental well being but also physical well-being and we couldn’t agree more.

“Gardening forms a really important part of health and happiness” – Royal Horticultural Society

If you have read our blogs in our Catherine’s English Garden section before, you’ll know that just like the RHS we believe that having a connection with the plants and the environment can give you a sense of serenity, achievement and improves your quality of life.

So now you’re probably wondering why? Let us tell you.

1. It keeps you fit

Digging in the soil is a great way to get a quick work out, with no need for the gym or weights if you’ve got some new flowers to plant! Be sure to lean on something soft to protect your knees. Our director, Catherine, uses a soft kneelo pad from Burgon & Ball to protect her knees and get digging. You’ll be surprised at how much you move around when you’re gardening!

2. It gets you outside

Being in the sunshine provides an excellent opportunity for you to get a natural source of vitamin D, which is important for general functionality of your health. Just 10 minutes a day of sunlight is all you need for your daily dose of vitamin D but always remember to protect your skin and your eyes. Use plenty of moisturising sun-cream on your face and we recommend to wear a hat to protect your eyes, whilst you’re working on your stunning creations outside.

Grey & Buff Rattan Round Rope Wicker Planters

3. Soil strengthens your immune system

We bet you didn’t know this one. The microbes in dirt and soil that get stuck under your nails actually contribute towards strengthening your immune system by getting a natural source of B12, helping to protect you from diseases and also some allergies too. So not only is it fun, it’s incredibly healthy!

4. You can grow your own food

If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, this will help promote healthy eating as you will know exactly where it has come from (plus you’re saving money by not buying any in the supermarkets!). Growing your own fruits and vegetables is the most rewarding way of getting your 5 a day. Not only are you eating vegetables that you’ve grown with your own two hands but you also will be making a huge impact on the environment.

Beaulieu Wicker Lined Trug

5. The flowers lift your spirits and can reduce depression

As you watch your little seeds grow into something beautiful you can enjoy a real sense of achievement as your all your efforts come into full bloom, especially on days that might be a little bit blue. There’s nothing quite like standing in your garden and admiring an array of colour, bursting with life and fragrance. The buzzing insects flitting from flower to flower and plant to plant, collecting nectar and pollen is such a delight to see, whilst simultaneously helping the eco-system.

Stepping into your garden is also a good opportunity to practise mindfulness. Take notice of each colour, every detail of each flower, feel the softness of the petals and inhale each different perfumed flower to help you connect with nature. This is something that has become lost in the noise of our fast-paced society and it’s the small things which are a reminder that we have so much to be grateful for. You could even create a scrapbook of your creations. Pick a flower when it’s at its best and dry it to keep in a scrapbook which you can date, name and write down your favourite things about this flower. A perfect little keepsake and a fun, relaxing task.

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